Saturday, August 1, 2009

Living the life of Rylie!

The fat quarters that I bought at the Buggy Barn need to be taken out of the wrappings and shared properly as they are just too cute for words! You have to see them as they have little wee snowmen and reindeer and flying Santas. The fabric is called Christmas Magic by Lynette Anderson. Adorable! I love the whole line!

What isn't adorable is my puppy, Rylie! Well, maybe she is adorable.... but what she did to my sewing machine foot pedal cord isn't very adorable. In fact, yesterday when I went to use my machine it wouldn't work-she had chewed the cord right in half!!! My husband managed to tape the wires back together but guess who was back at it this was our 'adorable' puppy. Must be tasty wires! It's a miracle that she wasn't electrocuted! So now the cord is too short to fix....a phone call to the Sewing Centre revealed that they have a new foot pedal and cord in stock...that's the good news! The bad news is it's going to cost $100! Rylie, Rylie, Rylie, we love our Rylie....... Now when I sew I will have to put the pedal up on the table....what a pain that is going to be. Pedal up, iron, pedal down, sew, pedal up, get the idea. OR I could just close the door.....It's a good thing Rylie is so darn cute!!! Let's hope she grows up fast and manages to live through this stage.....without going up in flames.....

Rylie appears to be a little 'fuzzy'....that is because she is moving quickly as she is REALLY chewing on this! Yes, the machine is unplugged.........ZAP....sizzle, sizzle.....(I have a warped sense of humour!!!)


  1. Those fabrics are just adorable! I've seen them on Lynette's blog and I sure would love to get my hands on some!!

  2. Hmmm, those fabrics...Hmmm, I feel a trip to the fabric shop coming on...
    As regards your 'wily Rylie', when our labradors were puppies we saved our things by keeping them supplied with loo roll card, old telephone directories, egg cartons, and milk cartons. When they got a bit older they learned to raid the paper recycling for themselves! The kitchen was a horrendous mess, but it saved everything else. Mind, you might not have the same card cartons as us, we did have to be careful they didn't poison themselves.

  3. It's been 18 years since I've had a puppy! I wasn't sewing back then...probably a good thing! I must find that fabric. Those reindeer are darling.

  4. I cannot help you with puppy ideas, i have cats, but he is so cute!
    Have you thought of plastic or rubber tubing around the cords?You can cut the tubing with scissors and wrap it around the cords. Usually used for remote control boats etc.
    The fabrics! they are so adorable, i cannot choose a favourite! thanks for showing. Yummy

  5. Oh dear Paulette, good thing Rylie's so cute!! What about a child's playpen for her with her own toys in there while you sew? ..a small one?

    Love those fabrics!!
    We Aussies love a warped sense of humour!!
    Enjoy your fabrics and your sewing.

  6. Those fabrics are so ute, think I'll have to find some.
    How could you be mad at that sweet face for too long?

  7. Thanks so much for dropping by or should I stumble by my blog.....I will be back here as well, what a great your Riley is such so cute,still such a a Cockapoo, is this a poodle x cocker spaniel....???

  8. Good job Riley's so cute isn't it? The Christmas fabrics are gorgeous, I can't wait to see what you do with them.