Monday, August 10, 2009


Just in case you're keeping score-I have now got 3 projects FINISHED!!! (I'm doing a happy dance-just as well you can't see.....) I put the borders onto this puppy and can send it out for hand quilting!!! What a good feeling as she has been hanging around for maybe 4 years. I made her from scraps from the quilt I am working on now (I think that says it all, after all this one isn't finished either. Bad omen-never make a quilt out of scraps from an unfinished quilt as BOTH won't get finished!)

So yesterday I made up all the flowers that I need to applique onto this quilt. They took me most of the day with a bike break, gardening break and of course poopy walking breaks. A very exciting day!

While looking in my unfinished cupboard (doesn't everyone have one of those?) for the flower fabric that I had set aside, I came across this magazine. What's that inside? Why it's ANOTHER unfinished there no end to these things!!! I pulled out what I had stuffed inside the magazine and found this unfinished gem!! NOOOOOO! The year this magazine came out (2007) I remember rushing home with it, pulling out my Christmas fabric bins and banging off 3 of these for Christmas gifts. I had changed the pattern a bit -put two Santas on and turned it from place mat to table runner. The one that I made for myself, of course, didn't get finished! Isn't that ALWAYS the way of a quilter??? You finish up everyone else's and then say to heck with yours. So there she has sat for the last two years! The only thing that needed to be done was to blanket stitch the HO HO HO and I couldn't muster up the energy to do it! BUT not this year! SHE IS GETTING DONE!!

(Thanks, Kim!)

So, fellow quilters start your engines....the checkered flag is raised (oh I think it needs to be finished.....I see some squares missing......) On your mark (use the Disappearing Ink kind!), get set (set those squares in and match up those corners), and GO! (what another potty break??)

Happy quilting!

GIVE AWAYS SITED!! If you go to Kim's blog you will see that she went on a cleaning spree yesterday and is giving away tons of stuff! Hands off the Chicken and Santa book!! It's mine!! Nothing says 'Christmas' like Santa with a Chicken....did your mind make a visual? Ain't pretty, is it....!?


  1. You are only hilarious! You are also making mega progress! I love your colour combinations, but think I've said that before. Funny you showed that magazine as I've the exact same one bulging on the shelf but I'm too scared to open it and I can't remember which project I started...its a mystery!

  2. Hi Paulette-I got your post about tagging me. I have done that tag so many times that I can't think of anything else to say about myself! I may give another try though. Your blog is new to me and I've loved exploring it and seeing your wonderful projects. Very inspiring!

  3. Woo hoo, you've gotten a lot accomplished. Great job!! I love the quilt with the panels.

  4. Ho Ho ho merry Christmas! I love that stuff. Good on you for getting so much done, It spurs me on. Just have to read a few more blogs though first. This afternoon i will get a move on!

  5. Paulette , I have just found and now I'm leaving you , inspired and laughing ,lol!

  6. Hmm, something of an over-achiever are we? (gg)

    Love the Christmas runner.

  7. Hi Paulette, thankyou for visiting my blog. Wow, you have been very busy! The fabrics in your snowball quilt top are beautiful and it was definitely worth finishing.

  8. What lovely projects it makes one what to start them but no i haven't lol
    Hugs Janice