Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Life Happens.....

Well I was going to 'play' all day yesterday but sometimes life happens and things don't always go as planned....We had unexpected visitors and then my grand-daughter arrived. She will be staying with us for awhile so we got her unpacked and settled in....before I knew it I was making dinner, wondering what happened to our day.

I did manage to sneak away in the evening and worked a bit on the scallops that will be going onto the Cherry Quilt. I love the fabric that I am making the scallops out of- but then I love cherry prints of all kinds! I went back to the Fabric Shop to get more and of course they were sold out. The good stuff never lasts long...

I sewed the little sandwiches together.

Then trimmed, clipped and turned...

Then top-stitched 1/4 inch in....they look a little like pita pockets.....I'm getting hungry...

When they are all looking like Pita Pockets, they will get sewn onto the quilt's edge and then binding goes over.
So that is what I will 'hopefully' be doing today....if all goes well....and life doesn't happen...!

It's a good thing:

Saturday use to be my favourite day, but after discovering Karen's blog, Sew Many Ways, Tuesday has quickly become my new Saturday! Why you ask?.... because it's Tool Time Tuesday! Every Tuesday Karen comes up with a clever tool that makes sewing/quilting/life easier. They are really good ideas, too. Karen must spent all week trying to come up with ideas. My favourite is the coffee filters for paper piecing or the clamp to hold your keys or the...oh heck, check out her site to see for yourself - BUT WAIT! The REALLY good news is- Karen has a wonderful GIVE AWAY happening right now. So check out BOTH. Her Give Away is gorgeous - Thimbleberry blocks already cut out and ready to sew. I LOVE THIMBLEBERRY FABRIC...but I think I love 'Sew Many Ways' even more! It's a good thing!


  1. Sweet project! I love the scallops.

  2. I love those scallops. I agree about Thimbleberry material and patterns. They are the best.

    Thanks for the link to the giveaway. Hope you have fun with your granddaughter there. What's the weather like there? In Manitoba it got down to +5C here last night.

  3. love those cute scallops. the Thimbleberry blocks are wonderful.