Thursday, August 6, 2009

Kim's 'SUCKING MY WILL TO LIVE' Challenge....

Well, I have accepted Kim's Finish It In August Challenge....or as I have been calling it Kim's 'Sucking my Will to Live' Challenge (nothing personal Kim :o) ) So far I have finished sewing the %$@& snowballs and I have clipped all the corners. "IS THAT ALL???" you say! Well, yeah, and I am pretty proud of myself, considering I went to hand-quilting yesterday (9-2), went on the computer, walked the dogs, went on the computer, made dinner, went on the computer, watered the outside pots, went on the computer.....yikes! I see a pattern forming here....maybe you're right???......I could have sewn a little more.....OK , I could have sewn a lot more! Today will be better, I will REALLY sew up a storm......that is....after I get off the computer.....

Yeah, yeah, I know.....pretty pathetic.....but one $%$# snowball at a time!!!
I thought you might be interested in my hand-quilting group. I have been a member for almost 2 years (since I retired!!!) Some of these ladies have been meeting for over 30 years!!! Anyways, we meet at a community hall EVERY Wednesday -even on holidays! We stitch from 9am until we stop....usually around 2 or 3 pm. with stops for coffee and goodies, then lunch and goodies. We do love our goodies!! We usually have 3 frames going at one time with about 6 or more ladies working on each quilt. (18 -20 members) We stitch and bitch and laugh and gossip and joke and .....whatever....great fun! Ain't retirement grand!!!

Here the 'girls' are putting up a new quilt to start stitching on next week.

This quilt is a charity quilt and is almost finished. Do you see how each side has been rolled -that means it has been finished. So you stitch about 12 inches in and then you can roll.

This is the second day stitching on this quilt. It will probably get its first roll next week. In the background we have some of the 'girls' working on the cutest baby quilt. The larger quilts take about 3 months to quilt and the smaller ones about a month to 6 weeks. Such a lovely group of ladies!
BEFORE I GO- I just wanted you to know that Elaine from is having a Stimulus Package Give Away. It is inside a lunch kit and we don't know what it is... BUT I'm sure it is fantastic...! Go on over and have a peak!
OK ,OK .....I'll get off the computer.....for now!


  1. Your quilting group looks like you enjoy yourselves. I wasonce at a quilt bee in East Africa on an American Mission Station and it was such good fun. I use the same sort of frame myself which kinda hinders access through the hall, but some sacrifices for one's art is called for!

  2. A real old-fashioned qulting bee. I didn't know those still existed.

  3. Your snowball project will be wonderful - baby steps. ;-)

    Your 'quilting bee' looks like so much fun. I'd love to be a part of something like that. enjoy!!

  4. I love the quilting Bee
    Looks so much fun and what a lovely way to work!
    This is a web site i think you may like. It has one of the answers to the question how to mark on dark fabrics
    Have fun

  5. What wonderful quilts your quilting group are working on they are great, i only just found your blog via Kim's so i will become a follower
    Hugs Janice