Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Next NEW project…..

The Challenge is over…..I can start something NEW!!  Hmmmm…..should I start a quilt?  Or do something in wool felt….I bought all these wool felt patterns at the Road to California last January….they have been calling my name ever since.  This year, before we leave for Palm Springs, I am going to cut out at least 3 or 4 projects and baste them together as they make wonderful travel hand sewing projects.  I also want to make a stitchery quilt and have bought some muslin for that…oh yeah… I  have all this roving in the cupboard waiting to do a felting project not to mention all that vintage lace….. OH and I want to make a string quilt and after that I want to make a hexagon or spider web string quilt….AND I bought all this civil war fabric called Harmony that is gorgeous.  I want to do stars on a beige/brown background…..so many projects….so little time…oh yeah, I’m retired!  I’ve got more time than money! (Ain’t that the truth!)  Eenie meenie miny moe….it’s settled, I’m making a …..




With every mess comes a …string quilt!  I decided that I need to be practical.  I have three grown daughters and all of their friends are all starting to have babies so I want to have a stock pile of baby quilts.  Nothing is worse than having to shelve a project because you have to whip up a baby quilt.  If I have 5 or 6 baby quilts on hand it won’t be a problem- SO I say -  come on girls, bring’em on!

Just a Reminder!  It’s Tool Time Tuesday!!  Whoopee!  I’ve got to check out what Karen has created today at Sew Many Ways .  Where does she get these ideas?

Cinderberries has a gorgeous stitchery pattern give- away which she is giving to EVERYONE!  It’s free!  So hurry on over and visit with Natalie before download your free copy!  Make sure to say ‘thank you"’!

Also check out Jenny’s Blog and see the results of the Sewing Machine Cover Challenge.  So lovely!  My poor machine is bare ….but if I made a cover then I’d have to redecorate my sweat room….that means I would have to STOP sewing!  Ain’t gonna happen!  (since I retired my grammar has gone down hill….oh well, get over it.)Maybe I’ll just get a permanent marker and draw a smiley face on my machine so it doesn’t look so sad and I can keep on stitchin’!  Works for me, does it work for you, Jan?  Jan knows me… (Did you get it? Jan is my sewing machine’s name…) Jan knows me….oh well…it’s only Tuesday… here’s hoping my jokes will get better…(Janome is my machine…now do you get it….?)

Have a terrific Tuesday!  And Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh ha!ha!
    You are something else for sure! I loved the start of this post, its exactly how I talk to myself when I'm dithering over which project to begin!
    A stack of baby quilts is an excellent notion, I think I may follow you on that one as my cousins are beginning to produce- and they are not crafty people at all so appreciate quilt thingies.

  2. A stack of baby quilts is great to have on hand. I love string quilts..they are so much fun to make and so vibrant in color. Can't wait to see all you plan on doing.

  3. OK, so explain to me the concept of the string quilt. It looks like thin strips (1" or so), in scrappy fabrics . . . but what else is there to it?


  4. The string quilt beginning is very pretty and would suit any baby, boy or girl.

  5. Great start on the stack of baby quilts. The string quilt is a good idea.
    Thanks for the links I'll be checking them out.