Thursday, August 13, 2009

Nothing Sweeter......

There's nothing sweeter than Sweet Peas from a Sweet Friend! And NOTHING smells nicer that Sweet Peas!

So pretty!

Kim's August Challenge is still in full swing around here.
The HO HO HOs are done and this Santa runner will be celebrating Christmas as it should! That is Number 4 down for the August Finish Up Challenge! (but who's counting.....ME!)


Old Mother Hubbard went to the cupboard, to get her poor dog a bone........or would you believe another unfinished quilt! Poor Rylie.....looks like she would rather have a bone....
Here is quilt number 5 - finished!! It has been in the cupboard for about that long- 5 years, so now I can put it in the 'to be hand quilted pile' along with the others! Yahooooo! My Hand Quilting group is so impressed with all my finished quilt tops.

What no bone?

AND.....when she got there, the cupboard was bare ....NOT! I'm afraid there were no bones but there were still some more unfinished quilts....sigh....

Well it looks like it's on to unfinished quilt Number 6.....

Stay tuned....

Happy quilting!


  1. Oh those Santa mats are wonderful...I think Rylie deserves a bone for helping you find that cutie UFO!

  2. Such a cute and fun finish in plenty of time for the season. Your new quilt is fantastic, I too think Rylie needs a bone for being such a good helper.

  3. The Santa mats are fun but the next quilt you showed us is truly beautiful! I love applique on patchwork, the way it sort of floats. And that one is to die for!

  4. Love the flower quilt.. :o)) Its gorgeous!! :o)

  5. Love quilt #5 :o) Keep on sewin girle!

  6. As soon as I saw this picture of the sweet peas in brought back many and I do mean many memories of dad's garden. There is nothing more fragrant!! I absolutely love them!

  7. Gorgeous sweet peas, Mom! Wish mine looked like that :( The quilts are looking awesome!!!

  8. That's so calm and just lovely. Well done on no5, and I'm looking forward to no 6. How many more after that? I think Riley's sitting there thinking, "when she gets to the bottom of that pile, maybe that's where she'll find the bone?"

  9. Love the Santa Mats really nice & the next ufo is lovely will be even more beautiful when finished well done on getting to do your UFOs
    Hugs Janice