Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Some of My Favourite Things.......

Favourite Place to LIVE: Cowichan Bay on beautiful Vancouver Island!

Most mornings I like to hop on my bike and 'do the circuit' as I call it. It usually takes me 50 minutes to complete (that is, if I don't stop to talk to the Llamas, cows, horses, goats, lambs......) So this morning I thought I'd take you for a ride around my neighbourhood. You will go past Bench School where my daughters went to school and where I taught Grade One for many years. You will see dairy farms, cheese making farms, wineries, cattle, horse, goat, llama farms.....and of course, our beautiful ocean! Have a look at the slide show and see why I love living on Vancouver Island! Please note that we have been having unusually hot weather and everything is browner and drier than usual....especially our lawn...YIKES! (not one of my favourite things right now!!)

Another favourite thing is this wall hanging....it is one of the first things that I ever quilted. It is getting old and faded yet I still enjoy looking at it- perhaps because I love hydrangeas and it reminds me of this time of year, even in the middle of winter. Beside it is a grate that I rescued from a second-hand store (another favourite thing). I splashed on white paint (literally) and then wiped it off giving it a fresher look. I think they team-up together great, don't you?

What are some of your favourite things???

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  1. thank you for sharing your bike track/walk with us. You do indeed live in a lovely part of the world. I can almost smell the fresh country air. Love your wall quilt too. and the grate. One of my favourite things is going for a walk to my favorite store, Spotlight, a fabric store. It is I hour away by foot and i often take whatever i have made for show and tell there. They are my friends, not just a place to buy stuff. I do take my camera and photograph the lovely old trees as i go by and currently i am concentrating on one limb of this particular tree and taking a photo of it each time i go past and want to make an album called A Year in the Life of a Tree.