Friday, August 21, 2009

To hex with the hexagons….?

Kim’s Finish it up in August Challenge continues- Yesterday I completed my 6th unfinished project!  Whoohoo…what to do next?  I have only one more unfinished project left!! I REALLY want to say “To hex with it!” - it is a hexagon quilt that I worked on all winter while we were Snowbirds in Palm Spring.  Hexagons are fun to make when you are travelling or when you can’t get to a sewing machine….  They were great to make while watching TV at night in our 5th wheel.  Hexagons are easy to make – all you need is fabric, paper hexagons and needle and thread.  It got so that I could make them in my sleep….come to think of it, I woke up to a hexagon or two on my pillow on more than one morning…(my TV is in the bedroom!!  Love camping!!)   Here’s what I have done so far…..


These still need to be appliquéd to blocks.  The fabric is called Nature’s Chorus by Moda.


These are done, ready to be trimmed and sewn into a quilt!!


All hand stitched…


Love the colours….oh, to hex with it…Let’s get her done!

GIVE AWAY AT QUILTING ON TURTLE HILL- Yes, Cathy is having a fantastic give away!  She is giving away the book that I have been writing about the last couple of days-MATERIAL OBSESSION and FABRIC to go with it!  So hurry over to Turtle Hill for a look!


  1. Love the hexagons not that i ever done them but can appreciate anyone who does i don't hand sew so couldn't do them
    Hugs Janice

  2. I've never done hexagons either. However I love yours and that material is to die for. Beautiful.

  3. Beautiful hexagons-and appliqued onto squares sure helps those of us a little overwhelmed with the thought of the handwork of a larger hexie quilt. I'm so glad that you've accomplished so many of your goals this year! Inspire and motivate-yea!
    : } pokey

  4. Lovely hexagons, and such a good idea to applique them to square blocks. I did my hexagon quilt the hard way.

  5. Lovely hexagons Paulette, it is going to be a fabulous quilt - Wow and 6 pieces completed.
    I got the borders added to the winding ways and have chosen the borders for the trip around the world.
    That will make 5 pieces for Kim's challenge - there are still more projects and the time is ticking --- Yikes...
    Happy quilting to you and thanks for the info re the giveaway. It is always lovely to find new blogs as well as nice giveaways.

  6. I love your color choices! I am doing a hexagon quilt with batiks; but I am definately going to have to do one with prints. Yours is lovely. Thanks for sharing.
    Have a great day.

  7. gosh! how perfectly lovely! i am very excited for you, admiring your stamina and tackling these unfinished works. I bet now when they are all finished you will only be starting a couple at a time and will do all your projects in record time. No more cupboard of UFOs ever again. Well Done!

  8. I've been WANTING to make hexagons someday, but if you decide you don't want to play with them any more, I'd be happy to take yours! LOL! It's really going to be lovely, and I'm very impressed with all you've gotten done! What's your reward for all your hard work?

  9. i am working on paper pieced hexagons now...i like to keep alittle hand work around...since i am going to need a bazillion i think someday it might be my daughters wedding quilt(she is 7 right now)

  10. I'm off for a lie-down. I'm so tired just from reading everything you've been achieving this month. Teeheem my word verification thingy is bedle - how appropriate in view of what I've just said.)