Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Dance….or not?

It’s another gorgeous Monday on the West Coast of Canada!  The hexagon quilt is coming along…slooowwwly…I might have to start another project just to keep my sanity.  I would really like to make a diamond string quilt next….we’ll see. (that is my ‘mother talk’ meaning I will probably finish off the hexagon quilt before starting something new…) 

Now on to my weekend SCORE!  I promised you a peak at the books I bought on the weekend at the Quilter’s Garage Sale.  There must have been several hundred quilting books and magazines for sale.  Like I said yesterday-I wished I had brought more money!  I shouldn’t be too giddy because I think this GS was the result of a quilter’s death so…I should be a little more respectful.  But if I were to ‘GO’…God forbid….what else are you going to do with my ‘stuff’.  I would want my fellow quilter’s to be hyperventilating, giddy fools at my GS!  Whooping it up about their finds, high 5ing each other, doing a little happy dance on my driveway….I mean I don’t see anything disrespectful in that, do you…?  OK, OK, don’t do a happy dance on the dead quilter’s driveway but I see nothing wrong with a couple of “SCORES” and high 5s all round!

P1020462 P1020452 P1020453 P1020454 P1020455 P1020456 P1020457 P1020458 P1020459 P1020460


Most of the books that I selected are wool/appliqué or stitchery books and were $2-$3 (happy dance….ok, ok no happy dance ……but…HIGH 5’s all round!!)  SCORE!

It’s a Good Thing-Hop over to Bloom for a couple of very sweet FREE stitchery patterns.  Don’t you just love Free patterns! Thank you Bloom!

ALSO, Thank you, Anna from Quilt Mom’s Journey for sending me all these fantastic Aussie bloggers links.  I spent all day perusing their sites-fantastic!  Love their work! Sheila is married to a Scotsman and  a lovely woman who shares her stories of life with the Sassanach man. Donna often has a swap going and takes wonderful photos- Marc is having some reno’s doing right now  so may not post much...  Fiona is getting married soon to James Robyn is the one who shared the info about slasher quilts. Kerry is  lovely woman who lives in Nundle and often has retreats to her shop in the country Leanne is creating stitchery patterns – she and Rosie and Melly often are creating designs for stitcheries Meggie is a terrific blogger who shares her stories of life with GOM – she is one of my favourites and writes a little about quilting and lots about life. Lurline makes wonderful quilts and shares her ideas and experiences with others jenny is a fantastic quilter who lived in Cairo ( I think that her husband work has to do with Australian Embassy) Mereth   Karen   are two sisters who have a long arm machine and do wonderful work. Tara  I have told you about before...  Shirley is a kindergarten teacher who lives in Brisbane- she is a thoughtful writer and I enjoy her blog very much..

Isn’t Anna incredible!!  Thanks again, Anna!  The wonderful thing about blogging is you meet the nicest people who do these random acts of kindness-ALL the time! 

Have a great Monday!  AND Happy Quilting!


  1. All your books look very very nice! I like many Australian blogs, too.

  2. You found some wonderful treasure. I'm sure the quilter would prefer that her stuff was sold in a garage sale and benefited her family rather than go to some home clearance company or worse still just got dumped.
    I'm a regular at some of those Aussie blogs, they are a great bunch of girls, you'll love em.

  3. Totally agree about passing on my quilting left-overs after I'm gone. I wouldn't mind gleeful swoops on my stash since none of us will be taking it with us...I do hope there is quilting in Heaven though?

  4. Woo hoo on the books. I'd be pretty excited too.

  5. It looks like you picked up some wonderful books! Better get those hexagons done so you can move on to something new--LOL!

  6. What great buys well done
    Hugs Janice

  7. What terrific books you found- Glad that you enjoyed the Australian blog list - There are so many wonderful bloggers around the globe sharing their love of quilting.
    Good luck with your hexies- they are beautiful.
    Warmest regards,