Saturday, August 29, 2009

Saturday is……

Garage Sale Day!!  Whenever I’m asked “How’s retirement?”  I always answer “Every day is Saturday-without a Garage Sale!”  So my real Saturdays are that much sweeter.  Today my BIG SCORE was all this vintage lace.  It is all so lovely!!  Have a look….


All shades of white, beige and ecru….pastels and even black….can’t you see this in a crazy quilt?


I LOVE the pansies……


There are over 90 doilies and yards and yards of lace!!


And tiny little crocheted roses… them!


A huge lace cape-bought on Prince Edward Island (with the price still on- $32.95!)

P1020546 Have you guessed how much I paid for this WHOLE HUGE box of lace??


Nope…..guess again…. only lower…….


Try $8 for the whole entire box!!!  SCORE! 

My other BIG score was this lot of wire frames for making wreaths.  I always make cedar and fir wreaths at Christmas and give them as gifts to neighbours and friends.  Well last year I couldn’t find them in any of the craft shops but did find them in a florist shop for $8 each- way too much!  I bought all 17 of these at a GS for a total of $1.50!! Score!


So now I am set for the next five Christmases .  What to do with the lace….???… I think I’ll make a lace dress… and pants… and blouse and… pillows…. and quilt and ……and runner…..any other ideas out there in blogland???


  1. Oh my gosh...You have sure hit the jackpot...what a great lot of lace for next to nothing...
    Having been a CQer I would have loved to come across this lot and paid way much more,,
    Julia ♥

  2. As soon as I seen lace I was thinking crazy quilt. I love lace...You found some wonderful stuff. WTG on that price. AWESOME!!

  3. Some great finds there! Lucky you.

  4. Paulette,
    I am glad the lace came to someone who loves it and will value it but what a score- you do find the finds. When I see the lace it makes me think of my gran- she often had doilies on everything.

    So nice that you also found the frames for wreaths. Isn't it amazing the difference between what you would pay for them new and when you find them at a garage sale. Your friends are very lucky to receive your beautiful gifts.
    Happy garage saling!
    I am back in the classroom starting Monday so I am off to begin quilting the wonky tiles.
    I have ordered some die cut leaves for the green and red quilt to applique across the squares ..
    Have a great weekend,

  5. Alright, it's official, I'm going to come garage sale-ing with you! What a bunch of treasures you found...what great finds!

  6. I think you should run classes on "How To Win At Garage Sales". You had some amazing buys there.

  7. What amazing things!Very 'yesterday', as my girls would say. I think the pansies are the prettiest but there's a lot to choose from. Poeple here still wear lace lackets and coats as over clothes for weddings and really posh, so you'll certainly be in Irish style!

  8. You certainly find the bargains well done love the lace
    Hugs Janice

  9. Well it's a good thing they came home with you. Now the maker shall be happy to know they're in a good home. I told my family when I die they better NOT hold a garage sale and get rid of my quilts for $10 each or I'd come back and haunt them!!! Love the little roses.

  10. Half of the lace looks like coming from my grandmother's stash. You are so good in finding great treasures!

  11. Oh wow!
    Anna told me to hop over and take a peek at your find! I'm jealous! hee,hee,hee.
    bunny hugs,