Monday, August 10, 2015

Winter Trees....

It just took a wee bit of rain to get us thinking about Winter... and bare Winter trees... or perhaps it was  seeing these lovely arbutus tree branches....that got Claire, Glynis and I all fired up to make some trees of our own!!
I could SAY that it was these events that inspired us.... but REALLY it was seeing the Pie Lady Quilt entry in the Blogger's Quilt Festival (called 'The Lovely Woods') that spurred us on and got us all fired up to make some of our own Winter TREES!

Aren't they wonderful!  These are Claire's improvisational trees and they are stunning!  She almost has a QUILT TOP!  When Claire gets fired up, she gets FIRED up!

 And here is Glynis' winter tree in all it's splendor!

And finally, my attempt at improvisational quilting in the form of a tree!
Yup...winter appears to be right around the corner!  Thanks Pie Lady Quilts for the inspiration for our efforts!!  Next up improvisational birds (which you can see HERE.)!!

There is an EXCELLENT tutorial on Pinkadot Quilts Blog for the improvisational me, this block is fast, easy and a lot of fun!  Check it out HERE!  But be warned...that Improv Bug might bite you too!

Have a magical Monday and Happy Stitching!! ~P


  1. I've seen several variations of skeleton trees and they are on my to do list also.

    Looking good.

    Happy Birthday Clair!

  2. Very fun looking trees! I especially like your polka dot background.:)

  3. Girl friends are great motivators. Everyone's trees look super fun, but winter can hold off for a while.

  4. The trees are hanging onto their leaves around here so far. Glad you are having fun with your Trees!

  5. I like how the trees look on the blocks, nice design.


  6. great improvised quilting on these trees. Love seeing the shapes in the winter when there are no leaves on