Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Blogger’s Quilt Festival 2013

It’s THAT time of year again!! 

If you guessed the Blogger’s Quilt Festival…then you would be spot on!


I have GOT to be a part of Amy’s fun…YIKES!  I almost got left behind!! The last day to enter the show is Oct. 31…SEW I had better hustle!

This year I would like to enter a quilt that I just completed for my daughter’s friends’ baby…so of course it would go in the Baby Quilt Category! They just had a beautiful baby boy…and they named him ARTHUR!  With a sweet name like that, I just had to make an extra SWEET QUILT! 

What do you think?  Did I achieve my goal?P1240429

A tower of hexies came crashing down…well that doesn’t sound very GOOD…let’s say they came floating down all over Arthur!


Colourful enough for a boy…or a girl!


And soft minkie on the back…and notice the RED big stitch hand quilting around Arthur’s name for an added POP!


Little Arthur seems to like it…and that’s all that matters!!

photo 4

Yup…THIS is why quilters quilt!  Is little Arthur not the cutest baby EVER!  He’s adorable in every way!

If you would like to make this quilt then feel free to use my tutorial…which you can find HERE!  Enjoy!

Thanks SEW MUCH, Amy, for yet another great Blogger’s Quilt Festival!!

Please remember to go to Amy’s Blog to view all of the wonderful quilts!!  They are all amazing!!  I believe voting starts on November 1st!

Happy Stitching and thanks SEW much for stopping by!!~P


  1. Oooooh! Mr. Arthur is a cutie pie! Love that quilt too!

  2. Good luck with your entry, both the owner and the quilt are cute.

  3. So cute! And Arthur - oh, my! What a heart stealer!

  4. That is a perfect quilt to enter, it is so fun and he looks so cute on it.


  5. Baby Arthur is a cutie. Love his quilt! Good luck!

  6. Just in time. Sweet quilt for the boy! Lucky him. Love the red stitching.

  7. The perfect quilt for you to enter! Love this one.:)

  8. Love it and that little man!! very much like my baby quilt...with the hexies. I don't have Arthur

  9. What a little Sweetheart!! The quilt is just perfect for him!

  10. Now that's a name you don't hear used much any more, cute little guy. Your quilt for him was lovely.

  11. The CUTEST quilt for the CUTEST baby boy!

    Good luck Paulette...yours is a winner for sure :)

  12. Look at you all modern hexie baby quilt!! This is a sweet quilt, and yes, that Arthur is the cutest baby ever!

  13. This is a gorgeous quilt for baby Arthur. He is a sweetie, too. I like the way the hexies are used in this quilt.

  14. A lovely quilt for a lovely baby.