Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Wednesday’s Wins and Wanders…

Don’t you just love a good GIVE AWAY?  I know I sure do!!  Recently I won Timeless Traditions Monthly Give Away where you get to select one of Norma’s pattern!!  Well this was not an easy feat…it’s a good thing I already own several of her patterns or I would still be over there humming and heeeing…and awwwing…

Anyway…my pattern arrived yesterday and like all of Norma’s patterns..I LOVE IT!! Here it is…Nice, eh?


It’s called Winter Berry and it is hot off the press!  If you are a regular reader, then you know how I am ALWAYS saying pattern designers should treat me like a moron…well Norma does just that!  There is no guess work in this pattern…everything is laid out for you…no scratching your head wondering what to do next.  No putting it together using guess work!  There is a lay-out page, lots of pictures and excellent instructions!  A+ to Norma!!  Even the cover picture is a FULL page…no itty bitty picture of the finished project!  LOVE IT!!

Thank you, Norma!! 

Hey, if you haven’t gone to Norma’s blog then you REALLY should!!  Like I said, she has monthly pattern draws, you get to see her latest designs as she creates and stitches them up, she has an entertaining blog full of quilting/woolie goodness and she REALLY knows how to treat you like a moron!  :o)))  You can take a look for yourself by going HERE!

OMGosh!!!  I just went over to Timeless Traditions to get the URL to link her to this post…and almost had a coronary!!  Norma has got her newest creation posted and it is a BEAUTY!!!  Seriously, this woman is talented!!  Be warned…if you venture over to her blog, have the paddles ready!!

I need a few minutes to compose myself….:o}}  DEEP BREATH…

SEW…onto the Crazy About Wool Blog Hop…Day Three!

If you haven’t entered my Crazy About Wool Give Away then you need to go HERE to enter!!  I will randomly select a winner when the Hop is over!

The CRAZY ABOUT WOOL BLOG HOP continues!!  Denise from Pieced Brain Blog has done a wonderful job organizing and hosting this event!!  THANK YOU, DENISE!! 

Here is the schedule for Wednesday, September 25~

Elizabeth Coughlin Designs

Wooly Red Rug

Chic n Fish

Maria do Carmo (Pieced Brain will be hosting!)

Selina Quilts

Sunshine Quilting

Let the fun continue!  There is never a dull moment in Blogland!~P :o)


  1. I went to the Wool Blog Hop. Then I went to Timeless Traditions, her wool quilting is beautiful just as you said. I also read about her travels in Wisconsin. I'm going to Primitive Gatherings this Friday, on my way up to a Wolf River Basketry Workshop. This is going to be a great 3 day weekend.

  2. That's a lovely pattern, I'm away now to visit the website. Quick question first - I am making my first wool project (last year's Summer BOW from Primitive Gatherings) and while I was happily tracing, cutting and sticking I wondered about washing. Is it ok to wash woolly projects? Do they shrink horribly?

  3. thanks for the link to Norma's patterns I am glad to have found her again

  4. well well, Miss Enabler :), I have started following Timeless Traditions lol...and that new wool hanging..isn't it so northern Canada! I love it!!!!