Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Nanaimo Guild’s 2013 Quilt Show…continues..

We are still wondering around the Nanaimo Quilt Show…I think that I have saved the best for last…I hope you ENJOY!!

I loved this Monsters in a Bubble quilt..very sweet…but what a lot of appliqué!P1230448

No this picture is not blurry…makes you feel wonky, doesn’t it!!


I loved this I SPY hexagon quilt…notice how everything is fussy cut and it was all hand pieced!!

P1230451   Any child would have a lot of fun with this quilt…The wee owner of this quilt must have a love for teddy bears…because look at the focal teddy in the centre of the red hexie flower and all around the border!  Great idea!P1230454  A very sweet and intricate appliquéd quilt.


A magnificent Dear Jane quilt…takes your breath away for sure!


BUT it was the one beside it that got me excited!  Love a scrap quilt that is made from totally random (and ugly) fabric!  A true scrap quilt for sure…and this one SINGS!


Just take a look…yup…there are ugly pieces in this quilt…but all together they are gorgeous!


The whole quilt is made up of only TWO blocks…can you see them?  They are the nine patch and the snowball block (with a beige centre)!  That’s it!  So easy, yet it looks intricate!  My kind of quilt!


This quilt took years and years to make as it was all hand pieced and all hand quilted…stitched while commuting daily on the ferry!  Can you imagine carting this around EVERYDAY?!


Yup…I liked this one A LOT!


And just feast your eyes on this hexagon beauty…  P1230465

Magnificent or what!

P1230466 P1230467

I recognized this beauty from the cover of American Patchwork 2010!


It was so nice to meet her in person!


I wish I had taken some up close and personal shot of the fabric…DARN!

P1230471  Loved this quilt too!  What a good way to use up left over jelly roll strips or scraps!


And you can’t beat a nice Tumbler quilt…


And how sweet is this old fashioned baby quilt.  Reminded me of my mom’s pillowcases…all embroider like this!


Another sweet baby quilt…


And loved the puppy quilt!


Grrrreat!  This quilt is in it to win it…dawg!


This won my vote for most spectacular quilt…I mean just LOOK at it…and ALL those baskets!!

P1230480 P1230481

Beautiful machine quilting!!


Yup…this is why we go to quilt shows!  Such inspiration!


I must have stared at this sweet Christmas quilt for ten minutes…how effective…and how easy!  Look at the blocks…star and snowball..appliqué a Christmas motif in the snowball and she is done!!  OK…sew maybe I simplified it a bit…(haha)…but totally do-able!  And you could make this quilt for ANY season!  Just think about it…Summer flowers, Fall Pumpkins, Winter Snowmen, Spring Rabbits…YIKES…SEW many quilts, SEW little time!!!


Another lovely scrap happy quilt and in my colours!!


Love this Laundry Basket Quilt…even though it was made out of batiks! :o)))


How adorable is this quilt!…I could kick myself as I forgot to take a picture of the blue info sheet!  It reminds me of the Japanese quilts that are often found in the Quiltmania Magazine.  I’m wondering if the pattern can be found there?

P1230487 P1230488

Such cute kitties!


…and the houses!!  If you know the name of this pattern please leave a comment…not that I NEED another pattern…. :o)


The last pictures that I am going to share are Art quilts…this one was stunning!  VERY realistic!

P1230494The the write up for the next three pictures is at the bottom..Very interesting as no fabric was used!  P1230496 P1230497 P1230499


So there you have it…I think the quilters in Nanaimo out did themselves!  Such a talented group of ladies…and very diverse!  Sorry..I didn’t show you any of the modern quilts (and there were a TON!)  To see those you need to go to the show! :o))

Thanks for coming a long!!  Hope to see you tomorrow…I want to show you my favourite vender’s booth!  Yup…I said, TOMORROW!  I’m on a roll!!~P


  1. What beautiful quilts! I see several that I'd like to make scrappy versions of! :0)

  2. Love it overload, lol. The kids quilts are so cute and I love the kitty piece, definitely a nice one to do. I also love the felted pieces, got me thinking it might be a fun project to do when I get home, need to relax and do something fun.


  3. Oh heavens...I love the first one; it made me grin from ear to ear...then I saw the Dear Jane and It made me think of the one I hand quilted....but, a beautiful quilt. You have a great assortment of pictures Paulette

  4. Wow, so much eye candy. I love the scrappy one that you like. Might have to get started on some 9 patches and snowballs. Okay, now I'm going back to look again. Thanks for the show? Tomorrow too? You're on a roll. Can't wait!

  5. Looks like it was a lovely show one might think you like scrappy quilts! Great collections of photos Paulette. Thanks for sharing, but what kind of goodies did you buy?

  6. Amazing! You know I totally love anything with baskets. The Star/Snowball/Applique idea might be just the answer for something that has been perking in my brain for awhile. Thanks for sharing all the inspiration.

  7. Great pictures! I loved seeing all the quilts. I especially liked the Monster in a Bubble quilt. Wish I could find that pattern. I love applique.

  8. BTW congratulations on your win over at Sew Many Ways!

  9. WOW what a magnificent show and such inspiration. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  10. Amazing quilts! I am so glad you took the time to take all these pictures and put them on your blog. I'll be back tomorrow!

  11. Thanks for the show. I really like that scrappy 9-patch/snowball. Nice way to use up scraps.

  12. Beautiful quilts!! Sure wish I was able to see this show... but BC is very from from ON!! Thanks for sharing your pictures and descriptions!!

  13. Oooh, another online quilt show! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I have no words! I loved them all especially the hand pieced and quilted hexagon one--gorgeous!

  15. Absolutely a very talented group of quilters. What a wonderful quilt guild. Thanks for sharing.

    Are they holding any more events this summer?


  16. Wow, what gorgeous quilts- thanks for sharing!! I can't even imagine trying to make some of these- what talent!!

    I love the baby quilts you finished for Carrie! Absolutely adorable!! From your precious quilts to the adorable cake and how about that fruit baby buggie- L.O.V.E that idea!! Looks like a wonderful time and Carrie is just glowing! So happy for you all!:)

  17. Looove this little peek at the quilt show! Thanks for sharing.

  18. Ooohhh...all so lovely. I especially liked the Monsters in the Bubble quilt but all that applique isn't for me. I'm always looking for another scrap quilt and the 9 patch with Snowball is perfect. Thanks for sharing.