Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Grand Country Quilter…

Be warned…this post is picture heavy with lots of eye candy from the Grand Country Quilter in San Marcos, CA.  The ladies who worked in this store were incredibly nice and friendly and helpful…throw in a few (gorgeous) quilts and you’ve got yourself a dang nice Quilt Shop!!

Let the tour begin…lots of displays, quilts and pillows all over the shop…

Nothing like seeing a Cheri Payne original…this wee mat was incredible…just HAD to buy their LAST pattern!


I’m running late (Clubhouse Quilting this morning:) so rather than me blubbering in the background about all the wonderful things in this shop, why don’t I let you browse….  Take your time to savour each picture…



Yup…these two were up to no good…chaching…chaching…chaching…


Would you believe I whipped this down from the display to take a picture of this sweet baby!!  There was no pattern…the owner had some homespun left over squares…so she made this mat on a piece of Daiwabo fabric…


LOVED the simplicity of this mat…and who doesn’t have bits and pieces left over from the Homespun House Quilt…!!


LOOK at this old ironing board covered with an antique quilt!!  PERFECT!


Yes, we had fun in this shop…prices were good and fabric was plentiful…and you SAW the displays!  Yup…serious damage was done in this shop…and we enjoyed EVERY moment!!

Thanks Grand Country Quilter for being so wonderful and gracious!!  WE will be back!!

Hope you enjoyed this shop as much as we did!!  {Nahhh…not possible!} But at least if you are driving down the freeway towards San Diego and you see the San Marcos sign, maybe, just maybe, your chauffeur will be nice enough to veer off the freeway and head on over…just like ours did!!

Thanks Rick…next stop…Stars and Scraps in Corona, CA!! :)


A HUGE THANK YOU TO Lori, from Humble Quilts for the book, Mrs. Lincoln’s Dressmaker, a novel by Jennifer Chiaverini!  I am going to LOVE this book…so thank you Lori!!  That was a VERY GOOD Win!!

I hope you have yourself a WINNING Wednesday too…and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Paulette, your blog is always so fun and full of beautiful, enticing pictures. I enjoy it every time I'm here. Thank you for taking the time to share so many photos - I enjoyed browing through the quilt shop.

  2. WOW you girls just have way to much fun - it's been a joy going along with you on these last few adventures - this last shop was wonderful - full of great eye candy. Love that mat of scraps - great idea. Have fun today -
    Hugs - Karen

  3. Hey, that scare crow looks a bit like me! I could be a quilt model and not even know it!

  4. Lots of wonderful wool and pieces, love that little mat with the dwaibo, I do have a couple of bundles that i am saving for a quilt.


  5. I can imagine you wanted it all. I know I would. A great looking shop. I have decided that California and Wisconsin have an abundance of my style quilt shops.

  6. How do you not load up with each shopping excursion? I enjoyed today's quilt shop tour through your cameras lens.

  7. Love your tour. Thanks. I need to order Mrs. Lincolns book. I have read all the others.

  8. You are such a great tour guide!:) What beautiful pictures- I can see why you ladies were gone for hours!:) How fun!

  9. Is this shop new? I can't figure out how I missed it if it was there in July. Now I need to go back down there.