Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Crawford’s Farm Annual Quilt Show

Hope you are feeling up to a Quilt Show this morning!  On Saturday I quickly attended the 3rd Annual Quilt Show at Crawford’s Farm.  I didn’t think I could squeeze it in this year..but just before making dinner there was a free hour in my busy schedule, so I hopped in my car and headed north!  (no one even missed me!!  :o)

I’m so glad I did! What a venue!  This was my first time going to this Quilt Show…

It’s held at Crawford’s farm..there is the actual ‘farm house’ and parking was to the right…P1140821-1

The quilts were strung throughout the farm…


And it was the PERFECT day for such a stroll…(or run as was my case!)


One pasture opened up to another…


Look past the quilt and you can see a clothesline of quilts hanging in the distant!


Look at the log bridge that you have to walk across to get over the little creek to the far field…


Over the hill…kids’ quilts!

P1140747  P1140749 P1140750  P1140775

Benches and shade tents were placed here and there…

P1140776  Yes, it was a picture perfect day!P1140778 P1140779 P1140790 P1140791  P1140793 P1140794 P1140810 P1140815

Can you see the horse taking us all in??  He was not impressed..  P1140820

Today I took you all around the farm so that you could get a feel for the venue…incredible wasn’t it?! Tomorrow I will show you some of the masterpieces!!  There were some amazing quilts at this show!

Let’s meet back at the barn tomorrow!  Remember to wear your walking shoes!  See you then..

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Love that you can walk around the farm and see quilts, enjoy the quilts and a beautiful walk.


  2. What a beautiful setting for a quilt show! blessings, marlene

  3. How beautiful! Fresh air and exercise aren't often associated with quilting! I'm looking forward to the quilts tomorrow.

  4. Wow that's amazing:) thanks for sharing

  5. What a great place for a quilt show! I look forward to seeing more!

  6. What a wonderful location for a quilt show! It looks like they had lots of quilts to view.

  7. How fun! Did you notice the quilt that the lady is lookin at in the first picture? Kinda looks like that snowflake quilt we wear searching for a while back!!!

  8. So pretty to see all those quilts hanging!

  9. how special! thanks for sharing!!

  10. The weather looks like it may have been perfect! Glad you were able to sneak out there....

  11. I ABSOLUTELY love the setting! It just looks so picturesque and exactly where quilts should be hanging. They probably hung quilts exactly like that in times gone by.

  12. What a beautiful setting for displaying quilts. It looks like you had to do a good amount of walking.

  13. That is a very special set up.