Thursday, April 21, 2011

GO!ing… On the Hunt…

Yup, I’m on the hunt for a frame for my little Schoolhouse Quilt (see yesterday’s post if you missed it)….I thought you’d like to see a few pictures of where I was poking around yesterday…


Yes, it’s an Antique Mall in Langford (just north of Victoria)..


It’s chock full of neat, old ‘stuff’(…I won’t tell you what my husband calls it…)


Oh man…I would love to dig around in these old keys to find just the right one…BUT I’m not looking for keys and don’t need ‘the perfect key’…save that for another day..haha!  One day when my husband isn’t with me…!


Nope…don’t need an old stove but look at all those wonderful old kettles…


Ahhhh…maybe I can find something in here…yes I brought a measuring tape…


..but no cigar!!

But that’s OK…now I have a purpose to visit more shops just like this one…nothing I like better…maybe even a few thrift shops!!  AND the Garage Sales will be starting soon…I’m sure that by the end of summer I will have the perfect frame!!

Winking smile

On the Quilting Front~

Look at what I found in my mailbox!!  I love our mail lady- she just brought me THREE GO! Dies!!  INCREDIBLE!!!P1130606

But NO!!  It’s Accuquilt that I need to THANK!  Sew Cal Gal is organizing the ‘Bloggers with Accuquilt Products Team’ and as a result..Accuquilt has added our blogs to the list of official Accuquilt bloggers.   As part of the team we will have access to exclusive photos from major events that Accuquilt attends throughout the year which we will be posting  on our blogs.  As a result Accuquilt sent me three dies of my choice!  How SWEET IS THAT!!

…NOW talk about a difficult decision!! Sheesh!

Thank you Accuquilt and SEW CAL GAL!!  It was a tough choice but I went with….

…the GO! Chisels…they form incredible twirling star, a fence like border, braids and SEW much more!!  This is GO!ing to be a fun one to own!!


I also went with the GO! Equilateral Triangles!  Have you SEEN the incredible quilts out there in blogland made with Equilateral Triangles…and look the triangles come in THREE different sizes…LOOK at that itty bitty 1” triangle…LOVE IT!! 


Also if you team this die up with the GO! Hexagon die you can make incredible hexagon STARS!!  See the directions~ now turn that yellow point into a red point…do you see the star?  Pretty nifty hey…BUT wait turn the hexagon into a yellow print and you got a diamond quilt…GO! EASY!  I’m GO!ing to LOVE this die!!!


I saved the BEST for last…The GO! Bountiful Basket die!!  I have been lusting for this die FOREVER!  Can you see the pattern that Alex Andersen designed especially for this die?  Very NICE!!


Yup, we are GO!ing to be VERY happy together!!  Stay tuned for a review and tutorial on using these dies!!  Can’t wait to get GO!ing!!



Let me just take a few minutes to talk about Darlene and her blog…SEW CAL GAL…INCREDIBLE!!  She has turned Blogging into a full time job…the services she provides the Quilting Blogging Community is phenomenal!!  You learn something new everyday from her Blog…and she is ALWAYS  hosting something…whether it’s a Blog Hop, A Quilt Show or a Contest..and THEN there are her lists that are so resourceful and helpful…

Back in November of 2010 I wrote about SEW CAL GAL…check it out HERE!!  I can’t believe Darlene is still going STRONG!!  My BIG fear is that SEW CAL GAL will experience ‘burn-out’…and we CAN’T have that!!  So hurry over to HER BLOG…if you haven’t signed up to FOLLOW then what are you waiting for??  And MAKE HER DAY…leave a comment..and send some Red heart her way!!  She deserves it!!

Have a Thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. You'll find that special frame..just keep looking.

    Yes, SewCalGal and AccuQuilt...great combo. Have fun with your new dies.

  2. I love shops full of old stuff. Even though you didn't find the perfect frame, I hope you came away with some had-to-have treasures!

  3. What a lovely shop! I'd love to browse around in there [and spend pots of money!]. Lovely dies you got!

  4. Guess I missed that one, lol.
    I ordered the chisel this week, think that will be a fun one to work with. I use my amazon rewards, so that is my way of getting them;)


  5. I love the antique shops and that ones looks like a lot of fun.
    It looks like you will be having lots more fun working with your new dies! Love the basket. Can't wait to see what eye candy you will make for all of us.

  6. I'm blushing. Very cute post. Glad you like your dies. I can't wait to see what you create with the equilateral triangle die....I've been dreaming about getting that one too.


  7. you have the best 'mailman' on Vancouver Island..always a 'gift' in your mailbox! bills..just presents!! lucky you are!!!

  8. Wonderful post- BUT - I want to see that great little star quilt? 4- patch quilt? that is under your accuquilt templates! It looks wonderful- my kind of quilt!
    Thanks- I look so forward to your blog at the end of my day:)

  9. Hunting for that frame looks like it will be good fun and imagine the other treasures that you might find.
    With all the dies you will be unstoppable!

  10. Ah yes, I do sooo much better when hubby is not looking over my shoulder and asking all those silly, "is that something you really need"! LOL!

  11. The hunt is half the fun...isn't it!