Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Off to Quartzsite…

Yesterday morning we left bright and early for a day trip to Quartzsite, Arizona…Now last time we went we swore that we would never return!  It’s hot, dirty, dusty, with millions of people and thousands of vendors selling stuff you REALLY don’t need…and not a quilt or fat quarter in sight!!

For instance….

Tortillas warmers…you can never have too many of these…


Or singing wooden Frogs…


Beads…(now the first time we went to Quartzsite I was into Beading so I loved these booths….)  This year I didn’t even wander through ...a girl has to know where her priorities lie!!



And rocks…or rather gems….tents after tents of rocks!


AND then there is the BIG tent…full of all kinds of RV gadget…get me out of here!!


But we bought what we came for…two RV outside chairs, an outdoor mat and a collapsible rake….and a new vow never to return…haha!

It was a two hour drive there and 2 hours back, so the GOOD NEWS is I got another block of Summertime done!!  What ONLY half way way done!!  Let me re-word that…Yes, and I’m already half way done!!


Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. Oh, I want a singing frog, haha.
    Glad you found what you wanted, looks like a place I would rather avoid;)


  2. Been there and yes one time is enough unless you like to buy BIG, expensive rocks as a hobby:) LOL!!!

  3. Never been there, but looks like the big outdoor flea markets we have in Northern Indiana. Lots of nothing you want. Course the older I get, the less I want unless its in a quality beadshop or fabric store. And maybe landscape plants. Thats it! The good thing is you got to sew.

  4. I don't think I'd want to go there either! Glad you found what you needed though. Love you blocks! :0)

  5. OMG, the rocks and fossils!!! Wow!!
    I see you sorted out your header photo - it's really cute.

  6. Guess you can't go to Quartzsite and not see any . . . quartz. Glad you could use your time wisely. Otherwise you would be sleeping on the way back and dreaming of tortilla warmers and frogs!

  7. The singing frogs look really cool but your block look much more enticing. At least something worth while came out of your trip. :^)

  8. Lol! Not just a singing frog but a singing wooden frog! Don't know why that just tickles me! My son would love to get lost amidst all those rocks! Love your blocks!!

  9. Imagine hauling those rocks and then hauling them back when people didn't buy all of them...yuck...much more fun to haul fabric around ;)

  10. Saved by the Summertime block! The day was not wasted. All those rocks, oops sorry, gems! Just lucky we are all different I say!

  11. all those pots and pans demos remind me of the 'Showmart Building at the PNE!!..not my finest moments!..by the way..why do they sell all those rocks???..who on earth would be buying them if they are in an RV??

  12. Well you got what you went for, so that's good! AND you got something accomplished, quilty-wise. Good for you!

  13. Sorry we missed you! There was a booth farther over, full of quilting fabric - fat 1/4's for 1.50, I got a nice mix of " coffee bean " fabric for mug mats! You wont find that in the big tent! We don't 'get' the rock thing ......

  14. I would not have been able to resist playing in the beads- so many wonderful strands hanging there- Are the prices good is the question?
    The singing frogs and the tortilla makers made me laugh!
    Your blocks are beautiful- You really do lovely work...
    I am enjoying sharing your journey vicariously.
    Warmest regards,

  15. I think I might need one of those singing frogs! At least you got what you wanted and even worked on hand stitching...which is beautiful. Taking this winter-away-from snow with you is fun.