Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It’s better to give than receive…unless…


After two days of gallivanting around the countryside doing all kinds of quilty things my camera is jammed and for once I have tons to write about…So what do I pick…why THE GIFTS of course!!

I know, I know…Christmas isn’t about receiving…it’s just that when you do receive something unexpected and beautiful and made from the heart you have to share it!!

I have to set the background for you…picture this…a blog lurker…reading your blog for awhile…surfaces now and again to leave a comment.  You know how it’s done..a comment leads to a reply and before you know it…you are in a relationship!! haha…Nah I’m just playing with you!  So Kathy-the Lurker (in a good way), lives in Victoria and often leaves comments.  After many back and forths.. we discovered that we are both go to Cloth Castle Quilt Club so we meet and hit it off.  Well it turned out her sweet husband gave her a GO! for her birthday and to make a long story short… I lent her my Rob Peter to Pay Paul die.

This is what Kathy brought to Club yesterday for sharing…this gorgeous Peter/Paul runner that she made from the GO! die!  Isn’t it lovely..the picture does not do it justice!!


Look at how she added a circle to the middle of each flower…Now I would have NEVER thought of that!  Looks like a chain of Christmas flowers, doesn’t it!  P1100951  Look at the stitching…perfection!!


But the best thing about this sweet runner was THIS!!  P1100973-1

Yes, Kathy gave me her runner as a gift!  When I asked her if she made herself a runner or quilt with the Peter/Paul die she said NO! 

I felt terrible taking the runner from her…(haha) BUT I didn’t want to offend her…AND doesn’t it look PERFECT on my coffee table?!!  Look at how well it goes with the red/burgundy carpet…I just ♥♥♥ it!!

P1100964  And when/if I get my Christmas things out and placed around it…it will look even more festive!!  SEW thank YOU SO MUCH, Kathy!  Next time you borrow the Peter/Paul die you will have to make something for yourself!!  Maybe something for Spring…. :o)

I also have to share what my quilting friend, Claire gave me…LOOK at the colour…it’s screaming ME…the same colour as my Pea Pod (laptop), my glasses, my first two cars, half my wardrobe…a lot of my shoes…you get the idea…I ♥like♥ this colour!  Anyways…


…it’s a needle and scissor keeper- perfect for travel!  See the pins –they are stuck there on their magnetic bed..the other side is for my scissors, then the flap flips over…P1100969 …and you have another magnetic bed for your needles!  I love it!! P1100971

Thanks so much Claire…now I have NO EXCUSE when hubby sits on a pin…other than I’m mad at him!:o)

Tonight I am off to my Ladies group’s Christmas Dinner…so I best get out the sparkly top…you know- the one I wore last year!! ☺☺☺

I’m having a Wooly Wednesday…hope you do too and Happy Stitching!~P


  1. Wonderful surprise gift and beautifully made.
    That is a nice scissor keeper and great fro travel and classes.


  2. You Lucky Gal!! I love both your gifts and I would love to get my hands on the travel sewing case like that.

  3. Didn't know you are in LOVE with that color green, too?! Around our house it's called Grinch Green. My big tree in the living room is all grinch green, red and cream colors. Half of my clothes are that color (well, maybe half of half) and Dear Hubby's and my Christmas stockings are, too.

    Lovely gifts that you received. but you know my eyes wandered to the penny rug the case is sitting on! ;>D

  4. What a happy post! Can tell that you are overjoyed with your gifts - which are fantastic - the table runner looks great on your coffee table - the perfect size.... and your funky case is brill. Love the bit about stabbing hubby with pins lol

  5. I get that you like that color! Your signature color! I love that little keeper of scissors and pins, etc. And your table topper gift is darling! Lucky you!

  6. Your tabletopper is wonderful - Kathy is a good friend. :-)

    Love the little scissor and pin keeper - it's adorable.

    Friends are blessings!

  7. How lovely - aren't sweet friends just a blessing! That table runner is gorgeous. I love the circles in the middle, they look exactly like flowers!

  8. My colour green too......if ever you decide you don't want it then I would give it a very good lovely is Kathy!

  9. you are 'sew lucky' the colour of your little pin keeper..chartruse is that lovely shade of green??

  10. Lucky girl! Both of your new gifts are very nice.