Thursday, November 19, 2009


Look at what the mailman brought me! It came yesterday along with a lot of wind and rain! P1030789

I won Krista’s give-away ~ a gorgeous thread catcher and pin cushion which she made! AND some surprise gifts! P1030791

Isn’t this sweet…it’s going to add a touch of class to the ol’sweat room!  OK, OK it’s going to take a little more than a thread catcher to add class to that room but it’s a start…a VERY good start!P1030793

Plus Krista gave me two small little Origami boxes- I thought they were gift boxes but she explained that you take one with you when you sew else where and you put your threads and little bits in them so that you don’t mess up the place your sewing in!  I’m loving this!! How sweet!  Now people won’t make a face when I bring out my stitching….P1030794

Plus she put in a half metre of the this lovely red dot fabric…totally my colours!! And a spool of thread!  Wasn’t that sweet of Krista!  Thanks you so much!P1030796


Now how cool is this.  Krista’s blog is called Poppyprint and look, she sews her Poppyprint label on her work…isn’t it adorable!  Thank you so much, Krista!  It felt like Christmas morning…now everyone hurry on over and visit Krista’s blog!  She does some incredible work!  And look at how young she is!!  I love seeing young quilters!  (geeze, I sound so old…..)


Oh, am I feeling LUCKY….maybe because I AM lucky!  Yesterday morning I sat down to read “my” blogs with my morning coffee.  The first blog on the list was Whimsical Threads (one of my favourites I might add- that’s why it’s on my list…).  So I started to read and came to the part where I see MY name in big red print….Paulette Doyle, it’s your lucky day!  I looked at it and thought “Do you think that she means me?” and then “If it’s me, how does she know that this is my lucky day?”  Remember it was only 6:30 am….so I read on…Yes, I WON another give-away!!!  It is the kit to make Terri’s Jolly Holly Placemats! I can’t wait to get my hands on this fabric so that I can whip these Jolly Hollies up!  Aren’t they adorable!  I love them.  I also love all Whimsical fabric, patterns and books~ AND I’m not just saying that because I won…  I really do LOVE Whimsicals.


You really have to hop over to Terri’s blog.  She is one of the designers in the Cross Country Christmas Blog Hop.  Everyday one designer is giving away one of their Christmas patterns.  The good news is that YOU get to make these placemats too!  This was the pattern that Terri gave away, so now we can all make them together!So you see, WE are all lucky!! Check it out!

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!


  1. This is, your lucky week;)
    I love Terry's patterns and you will have fun with that.


  2. all that wind and rain blew luck your way! Congrats! Love Krista's blog, and love those placemats you won from Terri. I do have them on my to do list, too.

  3. Congrats and buy yourself a lottery ticket!

  4. Woww, what a lucky week you're having. Congratulations.

  5. congratulations, You are a very lucky girl, You will have some fun times with your new stitching and stuff, AWESOME!!

  6. What wonderful luck! I'm learning a lot from your blog. Never thought of a thread catcher. Love the dragonfly print. I did follow a trail though the blogs and found a Cookie Plate Crumb Catcher. Rosebud's Cottage had a pattern there, I think I going to go through my fabric stash and try it. :) Love your site!

  7. Congrats lucky girl!
    As Micki said buy a lottery ticket, you never know, your on a roll!
    Julia ♥

  8. Woohoo,,, you are in a lucky streak.. love what you received from Poppyprint and the whimsicals placemats are so cute... oh PS: I also received a little package from our dear Paulette...thank you,,, so sweet..thanks again....and happy stitching........

  9. Well you're just having a great week - love your wins!!!!! The little origami boxes are brilliant.