Sunday, February 27, 2011


…is progressing slowly!!  Block number 7 of Summertime is DONE!!


Seven down….P1110916

Five more blocks to go!!

BEEP! BEEP!  Yup, it’s a Road Runner…the only thing missing is the Wily Coyote…How about a Wily Rylie… she goes nuts when she sees a Road Runner near our camp!!


The Road Runner looks and moves just like the cartoon version!  BEEP!  BEEP!  They also move incredibly ----------------------fast!

Have a super Sunday and Happy stitching!!~P


  1. Your blocks are coming out beautifully.
    Our birds are hiding, got snow again, ugh.


  2. Lovely blocks!!! I want to thank you for your pictures and information on the Wool Lady in Temecula.....I was able to make it in there yesteday, could have stayed all afternoon!!! What a wonderfully sweet, talented lady, Ruth is. I could have bought 1 of hard to make a decision! Thank you for sharing about here shop.
    Christine( From Washington tate)

  3. wahhh I want to go to Wooly Lady! Love your blocks!

  4. nice work on the blocks, Paulette!! should have them all done before you head north??

  5. Very pretty...couple questions for you...what do you use to place your wool pieces in place? Or do you use nothing? And what is the background? Muslin? I purchased some 505 spray as I am doing the Henrietta Whiskers free BOM and am using wool for the applique pieces instead of fabric.

  6. The colors are super on your project. How long have you been working on them? Rain today is knocking down the snow,yiphee! Have a great Sunday!

  7. Love these blocks. I want to make a wool project like this!

  8. Those blocks are just lovely! And the road runner is very cute too! Poor fella would be buried in snow here!

  9. Such pretty blocks - this is going to be a gorgeous quilt. Can't wait to see it - happy stitching!

  10. The blocks look great. :)

    looking forward to the finished project.

    have a great week!

  11. Well I have learnt something today. Is that really a road runner as in the cartoon version?
    Your summertime blocks are lovely. That's not a road runner on that block is it?

  12. Oh, boy! The blocks look super good. I can tell you are having a good time working with the wool.