Friday, February 4, 2011

Clubhouse Quilting…

Man, I love Wednesdays!!  And all the Quilters who show up on Wednesdays love it just as much as I do!!  You can just tell!!  As we set up, everyone is laughing and joking and sharing their projects.   We have a couple of ‘new gals’ and they fit right in!!  And the talent in the room is incredible!  As I walk around visiting with my camera, I am in awe!!

As usual, Penny was up to her old tricks!!  She was busy machine appliqueing these lovely flowers.  The pattern is from an Eleanor Burns’ book (which was back at her trailer)…She bought the book and the fabric from Eleanor Burns’ booth while at the Road to California last year.  There are tone and tone white squares in between each flower…which she is planning to hand quilt in….  Can’t wait to see this one finished!!  It is going to be a beauty!


Here are Seattle Judy and Anne showing off their creations at the end of the day!!  Aren’t they beauties!!


Anne is giving hers to her grand daughter….P1110613

And Judy made hers for The Sands RV Resort owner’s daughter as a special Thank you gift!


There were several bags being made in various stages of completion…I’m loving Roxannes’s…she is using fabric from Blackbird!!  This bag is going to be stunning!!  Wish my camera picked up the true colours of this fabric!!


This is the culprit that started the BAG CRAZE!!  Penny made this bag at home to hold all of her quilting ‘stuff’ and of course everyone wanted to make one!!  Penny’s pattern was back home but she REMEMBERED it…so she took the ladies through it STEP BY STEP!!  What a quilter…hey!  (notice the Canadian hey…can’t break from traditions and disappoint the Americans…hahaha)


Phyllis was busy finishing off this sweet little apron.  VERY cute!


Here she is modelling her newest creation…it’s a wrap apron!  This is one side….


And this is the other side!  Elegant or what….I would be afraid of getting it dirty!!


Colleen, another NEWBIE, was putting together a runner….it’s going to be lovely!


But it was her bag that caught my eye!!  It’s her sewing bag and it was HUGE!!    It had pockets for all her rulers and her cutting mat.


Here’s Judy…our THIRD Judy…so I dubbed her Saskatchewan Judy…a VERY nice addition!  She just had her first grandchild so she is busy making the cutest baby quilt!!


Have a look…!!  Sweet!!  And it’s made out of the softest flannelette!!


Yup, it’s dang cute!!


And Chris was working away on her BOM…the Centre and LAST block!!

STUNNING!! The  Civil War Fabric that she is using is so rich and warm!  LOVE IT!!  She wanted to go iron it before I took the picture!!  I told her we wouldn’t mind one bit!!


This is the pattern for the centre block….


And here is the picture of the whole quilt….  Look at how Chris has crossed off each block as she has finished it off!!  Got to love it!!


Now Chris has to start the border…AND she said she has been dreading it…look at all those half square triangles!!  OUCH!  This is definitely a heirloom in the making!! 

So there you have it!!  Clubhouse quilting at it’s finest!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. What a talented group of ladies you're hanging with! It looks like the light in the room is really good too. I don't like quilting when the lighting isn't good.

    You know you're going to have to get the name of that bag pattern everyone is making right? Because we're all going to want one for ourselves! Thank you for enabling us! :)

  2. Lots of talented and diverse women in that group. Thank you for sharing your Clubhouse quilting. What were you working on?

  3. Thank you for your real treat of the clubhouse day. I feel happy just looking at the things you all are working on. Hope you have a great weekend!

  4. I wish I could come and play too - there's so much talent in your group. I have noticed though that you never show us what you're up to there, so I think you should pass the camera to someone else each week so we can get to see what you're up to.

  5. Another great tour Paulette - you are not kidding when you say they are a talented bunch (you included)!

  6. Pretty sure I have made that same bag a few weeks ago;) They are so nice when done and BIG!! Happy you enjoyed your quilting time with so many special ladies surrounding you with love:)

  7. Look at you gals! So creative, and fast!

    I love the fabric in Roxanne's bag too. =)

  8. The teddy bears are so cute, love that one.
    Wish someone would give me a grandchild, lol.
    Well the one that is married;)


  9. And I MISS Wednesdays! Man, those bags are awesome! That would have been sweet out of the red hearts charms. Thanks for the postings and pictures. Can you believe I have hardly done a stitch since DHS? Maybe Janna will get me going again!

  10. Some really lovely projects! What really clever girls!

  11. I'm always so amazed at the diversity of projects, and all the talent - how I'd love to come and be a fly on the wall there!

  12. Beautiful projects, all of them, but I especially love the bags. They look like a great size! blessings, marlene

  13. what a great Wednesday!.and all I did was go to jealous that you are having such fun..and I don't even quilt!..such a talented bunch of ladies you have there..quite the company you keep!!
    thanks for posting all the great pictures!!!
    oink oink

  14. Paulette, I just had to leave a note to say how much I enjoy your blog! I heard about you from Krista at Poppyprint, and I've loved reading about your adventures ever since. Thank you so much!

  15. You are having too much fun girlie! Love those first applique'd flower blocks. The colors are so yummy and make me long for Spring!

  16. What talent and such fun...thanks for the show!

  17. You all are so talented. I really like the wrap apron. So easy to put on and also keeps you covered so your clothes don't get any grease splats. Is there such a word as splats?

  18. Thanks for all those lovely pics and descriptive comments. It was lovely to see such so many industrious ladies at your clubhouse. I really enjoyed the tour.