Friday, February 11, 2011

Quilting..without me!!

Although I didn’t make it to Quilting in the Clubhouse on Wednesday (too busy showing Carrie the sights!)… we did get back to the RV park around 2:30pm- so I hustled over to the Clubhouse with camera in hand!!  Thank goodness for these wonderful quilters or I would have diddly squat to write about!

Penny was busy stitching away on this beauty!  It will be one block of many that will go into a quilt called Tea Party by Crab-apple Hill.


It is going to be gorgeous!!  The colour selection is perfect!


Chris was hoping to cut out the centre quilt from Lori Smiths- Cherries, Chocolate and Cream.


Chris was also getting ready to cut the little iddy-biddy strips to sew this little beauty…such a busy quilter!!


This is her bin of Leaders and Enders…which she is turning into scrappy 16 patches…she better bring this one back FINISHED next year!!  I love scrappy quilts!


Chris was just finishing off her half square triangles that will make up the border for her Civil War quilt.


Of course there is ALWAYS time for a giggle and a laugh!!


Alice was busy making pillowcases…for grand kids??


A NEW member from Canada is always welcome!  She was sewing mittens for charity – “Women for Women”-the proceeds from selling her mittens goes to help women in Africa.  She uses old 100% wool sweaters, felts them, then cuts out the mittens and stitches them together.


Here she is trimming the seams…lots of work!!


This is her bin of finished mittens!  Aren’t they cute?!


A close-up….  You would never believe that this use to be someone’s old wool sweater!!


These are all ready for sale…I think she said she sells them for $10…not much when you think of all the labour!!


Other quilters were working on fancy pot holders….  Will show you pictures of them finished next week!


Anne was free motion quilting the backing to the crayon quilt that she is making for her Grandson….and making it look TOO easy!!


And Saskatchewan Judy was putting together her teddy bear quilt…I want to see this beary- sweet quilt finished!!  Adorable!!


There you have it…THANKS SEW MUCH LADIES…for sharing and saving my bacon!!  I’m glad someone got something done today! 

Yesterday we took Carrie to the LAX airport…YIKES!!  NOW that is something to see!!  Concrete, cars and planes…whizzing in all directions!!

BUT I think Carrie had fun…if the size of her suitcase is an indication of how much fun she had, then we would have to say she HAD A BALL!!  She had to sit on it to get it to zip up!!


So Carrie hurried home to Victoria where she will prepare for her next Journey…Hawaii on Monday!!  Got to love it!!  Ahhh to be young again!!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!!~P


  1. awe yes to be young again!..'sew impresed' with all your quilting buddies..they are a talented bunch!!!!..way beyond my scope of expertise!!!

  2. Your ladies have certainly been busy, even without you there to crack the whip!

  3. Oh! I love the tea quilt! Have to think about that one - thanks! Horror story: antique store in oatman,ariz. using old beautiful hand stitched star quilts as room dividers, with big hair clips and rusty old pins holding them together. They had no idea of the value, just needed something to hang for a divider. Such a shame.

  4. They sure got a lot finished without you. Shame on them, they could have waited.

    My fav? The iddy-biddy log cabin Ohio star block. Don't know if it's the colors or the fact that it is a log cabin.

  5. You certainly have been busy entertaining Carrie and I'm sure she had a blast. Your quilting buddies missed you alot I'm sure and will welcome you back next week with open arms. Nice to see what other quilters are keeping busy with so thanks for keeping us updated.

  6. Those are some very productive quilters. Wowzer!

    I know you enjoyed Carrie's visit - yes to be young again. Sigh! LOL

  7. Great projects - love that Crabapple Hill stitchery! Wish Carrie had packed ME in that suitcase, I'd love to be in Hawaii!

  8. WOW! I love her mittens. Thanks for the tip. I'm going to try the thumbs like that next time. I like those much better than mine.

    What perfect timing too! I wish I could buy a pair of hers!

  9. The mittens are the COOLEST thing ever... I see I'm gonna have to visit me some thrift shops!

  10. oh the photos are wonderful! Carrie looks happy heading out! and I love the bin of mittens!

  11. So much talent in that one room. I love those potholders - is there a pattern or tutorial that can be shared?

    She looks very happy indeed.

    Hugs - Marie