Saturday, February 5, 2011

Freeway Drivin’ Mama….YIKES!!

Some of you were wondering what I was doing while all those talented quilters are madly sewing on our Wednesdays in the  Clubhouse.  Well I wandered around with my camera in hand and chit chatted and watched and learned and hoped that some of their incredible talent would rub off on me…

It wasn’t long before they sent me back to my table…so I pulled out my bag of left over homespun scraps (left over from this quilt)…and pieced together the background to this little wall hanging…


Then I cut out the wool shapes…


and glued them down using Roxanne’s Glue Baste.

Now I have another hand stitching project that needs to get stitched!


I really like this pattern…it’s called Autumn Bounty by Kathy Cardiff.  I bought this pattern last year at the Country Loft in La Mesa, CA.  If you like this pattern too, you can probably order it from their on-line shop.


My step-daughter, Carrie, arrived last night for a holiday and will be staying with us for a week before she flies to Hawaii!  This morning we are off to breakfast, a tour of Palm Springs and will end up at the College on the Desert (COD) for their wonderful outdoor market. Sunday we will hit the Desert Outlet Mall…I know that Carrie LOVES to shop!  So I guess I will white knuckle the FREEWAY!  YIKES!!  That’s an adventure that Carrie will not forget anytime soon!

Surprised smileDisappointed smile

Hope you have a wonderful weekend planned too!

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh have lots of fun with Carrie - didn't she visit last year too?

    I love your new project - woohoo!!!

  2. Just remeber "you are one with the road" don't let it have a ball shopping I know you will find some great deals.

  3. What a great little wall hanging. It's going to be gorgeous!! Have fun shopping. I hate busy highways too. Just hang in there!! Hugs Ariane

  4. But our freeways are fun here! LOL I'm heading out today to Country Loft in fact, and the usual circuit, Quilter's Coop, Temecula Quilt Co., etc. etc. Yay! Have fun on your excursion too! The weather is supposed to be fine today.

  5. double yikes!..have fun driving the freeways of southern California!!

  6. What? Rick is not driving? He does not want to get in on the fun of shopping? Have a great time with Carrie and a fun week, Paulette!

  7. My husband said California driving was crazy, he had to go there for a few weeks. Love you quilted piece, I like the longer wall hangings, nice for those narrow areas.


  8. That's a darling quilt, Paulette! That will be a joy to stitch. Enjoy your time with Carrie, and be careful on the freeway!

  9. How fun is that??? Great job.

  10. I could say you are having way too much fun!

    The more I read about you and the other quilters I am feeling more like getting my stuff out again. Right now it's just too hot, Possibly our hottest and most humid days for the whole year thanks to an airstream drifting over from Australia), but come March I'll be stitching away again.

    Enjo your days with Carrie.

  11. Hope your having a great week with Carrie. Don't envy you the time on those freeways tho.

    I guess I need to try more wool stitching....everything is so cute.

  12. this looks great! tell me more about glue baste... perhaps that's what I need ... never heard of it... faster than fusing...?

  13. That is such a cute wallhanging. I love the way you pieced the borders.

  14. Poppy pods = love!!! This is a sweet wall hanging!! Love Roxanne's glue. A quilter's secret weapon, indeed.