Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yes, I scored big time while at the Hemet Quilt Show…And not from the normal vendors but rather from the ‘Boutique’!  Have a look….IMG_3859

The ‘Boutique’ was really a Quilter’s Garage Sale!! I had died and gone to heaven…Quilting Heaven!!   In this hall they had everything…patterns, magazines, books, fabric, batting, cross-stitching and knitting supplies…all at Garage Sale Prices!  EUREKA!!

Have a look at what I bought!

Two yards of beige cotton linen ($2), 3 1/2yards of striped ($2), 3 yards of Civil War fabric ($3) , a large bag of homespun fabric (mostly fat quarters for $2) and books.


Here’s the Homespuns…a large bag for only $2!!


You have got to see the books up close to REALLY appreciate the deal that I got!  All books were $1.00…yes, only ONE buck-o-la!!

I love this book by Jan Patek, Sue Spargo and Alma Allen…three great designers…and all in ONE book!!


I almost bought this book at the Road to California and it was over $20…but not here!!  Only $1.00! Yahoo!!


You can’t go wrong with a ‘Joined at the Hip’ book…but what’s better than this?


A SECOND ‘Joined at the Hip’ book!!  I was hyperventilating by this time!!


Lovely scrappy quilts in this book!!



One Thimbleberries…NO….make that…


TWO Thimbleberries!!  LOVE Thimbleberries!!


Some gorgeous quilts in this book by Marti Mitchell…


The stitchery patterns in this book are wonderful…so much to see…sew much to do….


And you can’t go wrong with Eleanor Burns!


A scrappy quilt book by Fons and Porter…


Stunning quilts in this book…and all for $1.00!!  All the proceeds from ‘The Boutique’ went to charity.  Doesn’t get any better than that!!


Remember I only had ONE HOUR to go through the boutique, see the quilts in the Hemet Quilt Show and visit the vendors!!  I got ‘er done…but just barely!  My feet barely hit the pavement!

This was my ‘find’ at the Rusty Crow Quilt Booth…buy 4 yards get the 5th free. These are not the true colours but you get the idea…


What a fun day!!   The Hemet Quilt Guild out did themselves!   I made sure I told the ladies that before I sprinted off with my big bag of loot!!  I’ll be seeing them again NEXT year!!  “START THE CAR!!  START THE CAR!!”

I had to be at Seattle Judy’s by 3:00pm as she was having an a few of the quilters over for a farewell to Chris as she is leaving today!  That’s the bad part of living in an RV Resort…someone REALLY NICE is always leaving!!  BUT Chris will be coming back next year….


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Have a Super Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Woohoo!! I felt your excitement. Great finds. Enjoy them all.

  2. Holy Moly Batman you did some major scoring!!!! woohoo!!!

  3. What a haul Paulette! Now tell me, do you ship some stuff home? I ran into the problem with no more room left in the car after 5 weeks in FL and TX. How do you do it even with a fifth wheel?

  4. Wow! It was almost as good as Christmas! :) You got some great things!


  5. Oh my gosh P you did some real damage at that sale didn't you! You can never go wrong with quilting books right! And the fabric was just an added bonus too! Are you sure you didn't get any penalties for elbowing or tripping? LOL! Have a great Sunday with your "new" finds.

  6. You really got that power shopping thing down to a science. Glad that you made it back to see Chris off. All I can say is happy reading.

  7. Love ll you "loot"...I am addicted to books the one with the 4 house blocks

  8. Wow!! I'm amazed at how much you were able to find in the time you had available!! Fantastic finds!

  9. Wowzers! That's quite a steal!

  10. WOOOOOWWWWWWW! the girls on retreat are jealous!!! What a really were in Quilter's angel you!

  11. You sure made out, lots of goodies to have fun with.
    Our local guild does that, guess I need to check it out next time.


  12. I am still salivating while I type this!!! How exciting!!! Loved several of your books esp. first and last, aren't deals the best!! Such a buzz and no guilt which is the best. Heaven knows we pay enough for most of it. Thanks for sharing. I now want to try some civil war quilts and country applique - traditional is the word I believe I'm looking for.

  13. You are the Shopping Diva. I have or have had some of those books. I like the last piece of fabric that you show. The brownish color with the sheep. Good score.

  14. You are the Shopping Diva. I have or have had some of those books. I like the last piece of fabric that you show. The brownish color with the sheep. Good score.

  15. Wow! You must have been like a mini whirlwind going round that place. Great finds and stash though I would have been very happy with just the stitchery book - that looks like a very interesting purchase!

  16. Oh, what a haul you made. I am still chuckling at the vision of you, it reminds me of the commercial with the woman running out of the shop loaded with bags and yelling, "Start the car, start the car."

  17. WoW! Looks like Christmas...Better than buying a new dress!!! We need a pot of coffee and a comfy sofa and read for hours...stitching would just be a perk!. Enjoy the new toys.

  18. Thanks for sharing the quilt show and your bargain purchases! One, you are getting proficient at this stuff!! ;o) I have a couple of those books, but they weren't $1.

  19. Well done Paulette, I suspect that you will be very busy for the next few years with all those projects.
    Very good time management.

  20. Impressive! I already knew you had great karma when it came to winning prizes, but wow, you have great shopping karma too ... I don't think my husband will believe me next year when I say "I want to go to Hemet"!!

  21. I should have a quilter's flea market in my sewing room, I could really unload a lot of stuff that way! I need to downsize, seriously.

  22. Are you sure you'll have room for hubby by the time you head back home??? WOW you got a lot of excellent deals!!!!!

  23. Awesome! Wish I had been there with you. :)

    Great finds and deals!

  24. well done on the shopping!!! the analogy..start the car..start the car!!! whoo hooo!!!!

  25. Whoa, I think that is my mom is the far background. She said it was AMAZING. I'm so jealous!

  26. Heyy, did you leave any books for anyone else?

    What a wonderful load of treasures you found.

  27. That sheepish fabric is soooooooo cute!!!!!

  28. I loved going shopping with you LOL! What fun that must have been.