Saturday, February 12, 2011

Over the Hills and Far Away…

Yesterday I went to the Hemet Quilt Show…and it was AWESOME!!  It was a spur of the moment trip…one of those of trips where if we didn’t do it at that moment it wouldn’t happen!!  I am SO happy we did it!

So over the hills…


..and out of desert we went…about a 40 minute drive to Hemet….


I went last year and LOVED their Show and this year it was even better!  Their selection of vendors was wonderful…they had something for everyone.  AND their quilts were stunning and DO-ABLE…if you know what I mean? 

Let me show you what I am talking about…this is the quilt that greeted you at the front door…Oh, yeah!!  Visually stunning!!..but DO-ABLE!IMG_3861

Wow!  The quilter did an incredible job working with colours and fabrics!  Just loved it!


There were tons of hand appliqued quilts…all gorgeous!


Loved the wonky churn dash…but then I love ALL churn dash quilts!


Loved the colours of this quilt!


In this quilt each block was put on point –loved how each block had the same colour palette.  AND of course I am a sucker for baskets…

Red heart


The workmanship on this quilt was incredible…now that I am a beginner appliquér I REALLY look at those stitches…in this case I couldn’t find any!


A little bit of whimsy!


And then this STUNNER!!  Amazing!


I loved how they put this basket with the ‘Dear Jane’ book beside it!


I have seen this quilt on a lot of Blogs…this quilter added sparkly rhinestones to give it a Valentine’s Day flavour.


A homespun Gingerbread quilt…I can see a child loving this quilt…dragging it around and making tents out of it!!  Yikes!


A scrappy quilt with hand embroidered centres!


This quilt made my heart skip a few beats…more on this quilt tomorrow!!


YIKES!!  This is the Civil War quilt that Chris has been working on!!  Absolutely STUNNING!!  The quilter who made this quilt has left off the million half square triangles that go around it as a border. (this is what Chris has been working on!)


This quilt will be celebrated for generations!


The famous buggy barn CAT quilt!! 


And finally the same little quilt that Gwen made….


But this one comes with the name of the PATTERN!!  There were several of you who wanted the name and designer of this quilt…well just click on the card and you will get!


This was just a little snippet of the SHOW!  Hope you liked it?  I only had an hour ‘to do it’…I could have used TWO or more…maybe next year!!?

Tomorrow I will share more of this incredible QS!!  Stay tuned..

Have a super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. another fabulous day in quilt heaven!!! the one at the one front door and the civil war quilt..simply amazing!!!!
    and I am second to comment..woohoo!!!...always the bridesmaid never the bride :)

  2. All beautiful quilts..the "Dear Jane" quilt is amazing!

    I'd have love to have seen that in person! Loved all the quilts that you shared on your post...wish I had know about this show!

    Looks like you had a great time and can't wait for tomorrow's episode!

    Thanks for sharing...


    Elaine in SLO, Ca - America's Happiest City

  3. I am a sucker for starts so I LOVED the last one!! Glad you enjoyed yourself:)

  4. what a great spur of the moment trip!

  5. Wonderful quilts .... thanks for sharing!

  6. Amazing quilt show. I was especially drawn to the wonky
    Churn Dash and the Dear Jane great.

  7. what a wonderful quilt show! You have me rememebering the great little shows I went to all over California when I lived out there. I always enjoyed the mix of vendors and as you do aptly pointed out "doable" quilts -- thanks for sharing this adventure!

  8. What beautiful quilts! I love that first one and the last one too! So much talent! Thanks for sharing! :0)

  9. I love seeing the quilt show through your camera's "eye". I have to wait until March for the first Quilt show around here. Thanks for the 'eye candy' today.

  10. Thanks for sharing! Next best thing to a quilt show is seeing someone's pics!

  11. Wow!! Some gorgeous quilts. I love the first one, with all those triangles. I could make one similar with my GO! Isosceles die. What do you think?

  12. You certainly clock up some miles! Great quilts.

  13. A show worth the trip, lots of beautiful and fun pieces.
    I love her quilt, that is really beautiful, but paper piecing, still makes no sense to me, lol.


  14. Thank you for the Quilt Show!!! love the Cats!

  15. Those are some wonderful quilts. I like the applique ones the best.

  16. Thanks Paulette! If Gwen does put the purple with her quilt it will be MORE of a stunner! I liked the cats!

  17. Great assortment of wonderful work. I really like the colour placement in the Dear Jane quilt

  18. I would say that was worth the trip, gorgeous quilts!

  19. Thank you SO much for getting the name of the Diamond Log Cabin, and the pattern designer. Much appreciated!