Tuesday, February 8, 2011

My Loot…

I forgot to show you my loot…the stuff that I bought at the Calico Horse.  You’ve got to remember that the Quilting Shops at home don’t carry Civil War Fabric and if they did it would be $18-20 a metre!!  Too rich for my blood!  So when I saw this fabric by the room FULL and for $9 a yard ($4 in the sales room!!) my eyes glazed over and I started to drool…I must remember to take a bib when I go next time!!

This fabric really doesn’t look like this…it’s a moss green and very nice…. and was only $4 a yard so I bought 5 yards for backing..


I love the new line of French General fabric called La Petite Ecole.


And Blackbird’s Wild Rose…love it!!


A fat quarter pack of the Calico Horse’s February kit…they put one out once a month.


Another 5 yards of $4 sale for backing fabric.


Calico Horse puts out Charm Packs of Reproduction Fabric…so I bought one of the darks and one of the lights.P1110669

I wanted to try the silk finished thread for applique….HUGE difference as it doesn’t knot!!  I also want to try the Aurofil thread (the big spool) and the owner of the shop gave us each a Calico Horse Ruler…how sweet was that!!


I bought the kit and pattern to make this quilt~image

In fact, Chris and Judy  and I all bought this quilt kit!  In real life this quilt is stunning!


This is the pattern and it was included in the kit.


This is the quilt that Judy is working on at the Club House so I know how gorgeous it is.  Judy needed the background fabric and she went with a burgundy/red fabric instead of the cheddar…Can’t wait to see it all together!


I loved this pattern!!  It was a good thing there was no kit made up for this quilt…or I would be in the poor house!!


As I told my husband…the other two quilters out spent me by a mile…as if that helps!! haha

Hey, it’s WENDY’S Birthday…whip over to her blog~ send her some love and you just might WIN her GIVE AWAY!!  So generous of her….


Her blog is called Snippets of a Quilter and it’s one of my favourites!!  If you haven’t perused her blog then take a few extra minutes to do so…YOU WILL LOVE IT!!

Have a terrific Tuesday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. You are sooooo sweet!
    Love the loot, you brought home a good haul. Can't wait to see what you'll be making.

  2. That is going to be a beautiful American Nine Patch Paulette! You got some good deals too!

  3. Wow,,you had a awesome day,,,what beautiful looking fabric and great prices...

  4. You got some nice fabrics, lots of beautiful quilts will be made this year.


  5. Wow, you acquired some fabulous "LOOT". I'm coming to sew with you. LOL

  6. I was just talking with Mary at Quilt Hollow yesterday about Civil War prints. Don't you just love them? And great pattern choices!! Now get sewing!

  7. You did it again-made me swoon with envy! I really love all your choices and love the prices- sigh! Sorry you were outbought though, you'll have to do better next time ok!

  8. Well you certainly have me drooling. You are going to be one busy lady when you get home with all those Civil War fabrics and lovely patterns. Thanks for the tip about Wendy's blog. We used to belong to the same stitchery group called the Knotty Kneedlers.

  9. Is there any thing left in the shop after you cleaned them out? I like the quilt kit that you bought. Colors are good and design interesting.

  10. You had some FUN!! We quilters here in the US really shouldn't complain about the prices I suppose. I knew fabric cost a lot more in Europe, Australia, Japan, and now, Canada. And we really don't think about the fact that lots of things aren't available in other countries, even our neighbor to the north. I'm just glad I have a sizable stash collected over the years. I could sew for a long time without buying much.

    When I go to one of the larger quilt shops I kind of freeze up. There's just so MUCH, I want it all but can't really zero in on anything so often leave empty-handed, or almost. Then later think about the pieces I wish I'd bought.

  11. Wow that is awesome loot! =)

  12. Gorgeous fabrics Paulette! I can't wait to see the projects as you work your magic on them!

  13. Didn't think you would come out empty handed. Love the fabric. What a steal.

  14. Enough with the teasing! I'm soooooo jealous.

    Next year before you leave for CA, I'm sending you some money and a huge shopping list. *wink*

    All kidding aside, sounds like you are having a great time. Enjoy yourself!

  15. I too feel in love with Wild Rose and had to have some at a recent sale. That Americana 9 patch is just gorgeous and your reds and blues in the kit - I'm speechless.

  16. Wild Rose is so pretty and all the fabric your found is really good.

  17. You got some great stuff! Love the backing fabrics you bought! :0)

  18. You scored BIG, I am envious. I am interested in your 9 patch kit. I might have to give them a call to see if they can cut me a kit for a queen size or maybe just buy 2 kits. I have to ask the question I shouldnt, was it a reasonable price?

  19. Great shopping trip! I just love to find $4/yd fabric! :-) Have a happy day!

  20. Love all the fabric you purchased!! Great stuff!! I love the quilt kit you bought!! The fabric is gorgeous!!

  21. Great loot! Just think of all the money you saved!

  22. what a great day of quilt shopping!!....nice work on all the deals!

  23. I may need a bib myself! Looks like a fun day and many more using the fabrics and kits you found.

  24. I agree the background fabrics are drool worthy. What a bargain!!

    Fair warning on the Aurifil thread....it will be love at first stitch. The owner of my LQS got me hooked, and now it is all I use.

    Love all your purchases, but I have a clear favorite. I would have bought the American 9 Patch kit too. I hope you'll post pictures as that one comes together. I'm quite taken with it!

  25. Wow - you did good! Gorgeous fabrics!

  26. Holy Hanna what a Loot you've got there!!! Wonderful goodies Paulette!!! Good for you! 8-)

  27. Awesome haul Paulette!! That kind of haul keeps me on a high for days and days.