Friday, February 18, 2011

Hanging with the best of them…

If you enjoy reading Temecula Quilt Co.’s Blog, like I do, then you will love their shop!  It’s found in Temecula,CA  of course…


..The shop itself is small but cozy, filled with lovely little quilts and wonderful displays!  Oh…did I mention the BIG gorgeous quilts!!


Little packets of wool here and there….


See what I mean about beautiful displays…look at the little quilt under glass!


Not a bare shelf anywhere…in every little corner there is tucked a sweet little quilt!


And then there are the big quilts…stunning!!


Buckets of fat quarters…


This shop REALLY does specialize in wee small quilts!


With a wall of large gorgeous quilts!!  See the navy blue basket quilt on the bottom right…that is a Primitive Pieces Quilt by Lynda called Gathering Baskets- I have been drooling over this quilt for years!!  I think I’m going to have to break down and order the pattern!  In real life this quilt is magnificent!!


Another incredible display!


All around the shop are these wonderful little bundles of fabric…sold in the roll!


Isn’t this little pinwheel gorgeous!!?


So..are you drooling yet?


Judy and I decided that we both want one of these pole coat hangers so that we can display all the little quilts that we are going to make!!


Here’s the Lori Smith Fit to Frame that I made last year out of wool. This one is made of cotton and is lovely framed and under glass.


Even their bulletin board is adorable!!


Anyone for a quilt??


Anything basket-y always catches my eye these days…what’s with that…except that they are dang cute!!


Hey.. it’s the Basket quilt from ‘When the Cold Wind Does Blow”…done in reds and in a small quilt version…how sweet is this?!


Before I go I just HAVE to show you the hangers that they use to hang the small quilts.  When I pointed them out to Judy, the sales lady said that the owner buys them at Ikea!!  Here I thought they were old and impossible to find!  Wouldn’t they work great to display quilts in your own home!!  Think of how easy it would be to change out those seasonal quilts!!  And look at how pretty those hangers are…


Here they are again (not the black piping…just the hanger)…I like them!  I got to find me an Ikea store!!


So I hope you had fun with Judy and I!!  Man, I had fun just re-visiting the pictures!!  I saw way more than in my REAL visit!! So next time you visit Temecula make sure you pop in…you won’t be disappointed!

Have a FUN Friday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. So jealous, would love to have that shop near me.


  2. This is definitely my kind of quilt shop. Thanks so much for the beautiful photos, Paulette. I'll be coming back to this post again and again since I probably won't get to this shop anytime soon. There are so many quilts in those photos that I would love to make. And all that fabric. Wow.

  3. A true feast for they eyes - I could take about a dozen of those quilts home with me!!

  4. Awesome! I love the pics in this blog and wish I lived close to that shop too. :)

    My dream is to have a shop like that one day.

    Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

  5. Ok - I've wiped the drool off my keyboard - I LOVE this shop and someday I hope I can visit - I could spend all day there. I have 2 of the Lori Smith little wool applique patterns on order from Temecula and I'm anxiously awaiting my mailman's arrival! Thanks for sharing your great pictures.

  6. Oh how I long to go to that shop. I follow their blog and have never seen a quilt I did not like. I signed up for The Prairie Woman Sewing Club through their shop and will be getting kits. I feel confident in their fabric selection.
    Their displays are certainly unique and so eye catching. Did you leave a lot of cash in their store?

  7. Thanks for all the inspiring eye candy! I would love to spend some time in that store!!! I belonged to a BOM club/small quilts at Temecula Quilt co. but I have never had the opportunity to go there! Now I see what I have been missing.

  8. my girlfriend texted me just now that she is in the shop!!!! oh how I wish I could be down there with her...but now your photos have made my day!

  9. my girlfriend texted me just now that she is in the shop!!!! oh how I wish I could be down there with her...but now your photos have made my day!

  10. It appears you are having a high ole time as you drive from shop to shop!


  11. It's a quilt show-a-day around here!! Love it!!

  12. Love this shop, you always show us the best places and things.. However, today there was one photo that ruffled my feathers.. :) I bought the magazine..Antique is someplace in this house..I have been looking for three days and I cannot find this magazine.......seeing the one in the shop has put me back on the warpath and I will find it come what may.

  13. That looks like such a fabulous shop! I love looking at shop hardly ever do justice to seeing the real thing!

    I love IKEA!! We have one about an hour from us...I'm gonna have to make a trip soon since it's been awhile...I don't know what they have where you are but on your drive back north, there is one in West Sacramento....and I think Renton, WA :)

  14. Someday - someday - I will get to that store. Swoon!!!!

  15. you have ikea's in canada...there is also one in Tukwila when you are coming back through to go home :)
    I am coming to so. cali in march....looks like I am gonna have to make a trip to temecula when there ;)

  16. I too love that shop! I visited there in January and took many similar photos for my blog too! Feel free to check it out. The post was around Jan 19. Glad you had a fabulous time there too! Thanks for the refresher!

  17. all these visits to quilt stores? you find time to actually quilt? :)..I would just be shopping and shopping and shopping some more...
    have a great weekend!..hope the weather is beautiful..enjoy!!

  18. What a wonderful show of quilts. This is a wonderful shop. Thanks!!!

  19. WOW thanks for the tour - I so NEED to get to that shop at some point. It's so full of inspiration and the way it's decorated is adorable - love the way they use props around the store. The quilts - wow such eye candy :)


  20. Thanks for that, I will probably never get there but now I feel like I have.. I get their newsletter and read the blog too.. Just lov'em..