Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I Have Mail…

I LOVE my emails from home…especially when they are like the one I received from Delores complete with pictures of her latest project!  How sweet is this!

It’s a Valentine’s Day runner…super easy and so effective!  You may recognize the pattern from the Valentine Blog Hop! 


Let’s zoom in a for a closeup….


Very pretty!  And look at Delores’ quilting…gorgeous!!


She made an extra block which she gave to her daughter for a little table topper…complete with a “Be Mine” embroidered on it.  Love it!!  Thanks for sharing Delores!!

Yesterday after day THREE of shopping (for another 6 hours) ‘the women’…that’s Sandy (my friend from home), Carrie and I piled into Sandy’s little red Suzuki and headed off for the bright lights of the Palm Spring’s Follies.


We weren’t allowed to take pictures of the show but I managed to take one right after…just so you could get an idea of what the stage looked like.  The Palm Spring Follies is a spin off of the old Follies show of the 1920’s and 30’s…you know with gorgeous women and men dancing their hineys off (in out of this world costumes).  Well that’s what this show was like with one exception…all the performers are over 55 years old…the majority being well into their 70s!!  The bodies on the women were incredible and so were their costumes!  On stage they looked fantastic…off stage was another matter!!


This woman is real…and is almost 70 years old and not a wrinkle in sight!  She was one of the singer/dancers.


Wish I knew how to make a thinking bubble come out of my head….  This fella is 81 years and still strutting his stuff…under more make-up than I wear in a whole year!  At least he has wrinkles!


Leslie Gore (It’s My Party, Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbow) was the head liner at the show!  Here she is talking to the crowd and signing autographs after the show.


We ended the night with a hug from Sonny Bono (past mayor of Palm Springs and Cher’s ex))…but even he was a little stiff!


DID we have fun?  Let’s just say, we giggled and laughed all the way home!  How Sandy managed to keep the car on the road was beyond me!!  Nothing like a night out with the girls!! heehee

Have a wonderful Wednesday and Happy Quilting!!


  1. What fun!! Really enjoyed the photos! :-)

  2. what a beautiful table runner she made! Love her choice of fabric and quilting!
    Thanks for sharing your evening with us Paulette. WOW you 3 were living on the edge.

  3. Love the Valentine Runner...and thanks for sharing about the show! It looks like it was lots of fun!

    Did you ask her secret for no wrinkles?!?!?! =)

  4. Well, I think we need to take up Dancercise, seems to be a good way to stay healthy;)


  5. What a fun post Paulette, I take my hat off to those performers. What energy they must have. How often do they perform? Surely they need extra recovery time!
    Dolores' work is lovely, send her my compliments.

  6. what a fabulous girl's day and night out! are going to have to get some rest after Carrie heads home!

  7. Dolores did such a great job-love those hearts on a string! Wow what fun you are having. I used to have the song "It's my Party" by leslie Gore on a single, isn't that too funny.

  8. Love the table runner! Sounds like you had a great night out, I can't imagine looking like that in my 70's....even with make-up!

  9. Loved your post today Paulette. So much fun and energy in it. We envy the sandals, and tees, just a light sweater instead of boots, scarfes, and coats!

  10. Such fun...what a riot! Leslie Gore, now that brings back memories!

  11. my grandmother has gone several times. Hope you are ok, no blog post today.

    check my blog

    my mom & i share it.


  12. Yes, I saw that show a couple of yrs ago. I did not get up close like you did, but enjoyed the show. Delores' table runner was super and she got it done before Valentine's Day. I should take a page out of her book. You are enjoying your [vacation] away from the freezing cold here in sunny BC.

  13. You girls had an awesome evening! And thanks for sharing pics of the super cute Valentine's table runners. Have you checked out all the free projects and tutorials over at yet?