Monday, December 30, 2013


Here are my loot bags from Grand Country Quilter and the Fat Quarters Shop…


I bought tons of Homespuns…I just can’t find them at home…and certainly NOT for this price!!  I also bought a half yard of brown’s flecked with red, orange and white (my camera picked up all the whites making it look weird!)


I scored the kit to make Snowbound by Pat Wys!  LOVE this quilt!!


Here’s a side view of all of the yummy fabrics!!


And the patterns…anything Christmas was 40% off!!  If you go back to yesterday’s post you can see these sweet wool ornies all made up!!  Ahhhhdorable!


This is an old Cheri pattern that has been brought back to life!!  LOVE the skaters block…


You need to SEE this wall hanging in real life to REALLY appreciate it!!


This one was small…and dang cute!


I loved the little store sampler of this Bittersweet Mat in the shop…BUT DON’T BUY THIS PATTERN!!!!  It is the worse pattern EVER!!


Seriously…this is ALL you get!!  A half a sheet of paper with a half circle and a berry template!!!  No template or picture for the wreath…which is what you need.  If you have a bowl in your cupboard then you have a circle…a dime for the berry…and that is what I paid for!!  NOTHING else!!  Such a RIP OFF!!  I have never bought a ‘Plays with Wool Design’ before…have you??  Are their patterns all like THIS?  If I should buy another, I will be pulling out the pattern BEFORE I purchase…!!  Buyer beware!


And WHO could resist this quilt pattern…and the snow fabric to go with it!!


Yup, aside from the mat pattern it was a great day shopping!!  Love all of my buys!!

Hope you are finding some After Christmas Bargooons too!!~P


  1. Wow! I have made the Cheri Seasons pattern and there is also the weeks one. They are so charming. I can't find the homespuns or brushed cottons here in Colorado either.

  2. I have bought many appliqué patterns over the years only to find that they were like your bittersweet pattern. I have finally learned the lesson to always pull the pattern out and take a look before buying.
    It seems like homespuns and plaids are getting harder to find. My go-to-shop for them is a 3 hour drive away and they're closing! It's a good thing I have quite a few in my stash. I hope they aren't going out of style and soon won't be available.

  3. Love your buys ! And thanks for the heads up on the pattern designer.

    Happy New Year

  4. I love the last quilt and fabric to go with it. Glad yo helped the USA economy buying homespuns...LOL

  5. Great haul of "goodies". I am always amazed at the speed of your shopping and picture taking.

  6. Love the last quilt also......I would also be upset with the pattern......pattern prices are really going up and when you spend money for one you want a decent pattern....I never thought of reading a pattern before I buy, but I will now......

  7. Girl, I need to come with you on your shopping trips...those homespuns are right up my alley! Enjoy your goodies!!

  8. Well done, glad to see your shopping mojo is as strong as ever and loving all the bargains. No bargains here I'm afraid.

  9. OMG, Miss P, I'm hyperventilating here. So many fabulous goodies and treasures. I'm coming to see you just to go shopping. LOL

  10. Looks like you had a good time despite the one pattern. I also will open a pattern and check the instructions before purchasing it.

    Your other patterns look great, enjoy them.

  11. Is that all you got, lol. Looks like a good stash and homespuns are a must have, I am always running out of those and nice to have plenty in different colors and textures.


  12. You got some mighty fine "Loot" there.
    I saw that pattern in a shop here and thought about buying it. Glad I didn't. Thanks for keeping us informed.:)

  13. Very nice loot! You picked some great patterns. Can't wait to see your Snowbound made up. We have a few shops with homespuns in our area. When you come back north, you'll have to think about visiting Bellingham and Lynden, WA! LOL!

  14. What a lot of fun you must have had when you got home and took everything out to feast your eyes over it. Love the Cheri Country Seasons pattern. Her patterns are wonderful. I've quite a few of them that I've collected over the years. Too bad about the Bittersweet Mat. Guess it's a lesson learned: always take the pattern out and look it over first. Of all the loot, which pattern will you be starting first?

  15. Thanks for sharing your shopping spree with us.

  16. You are GOOD! I'm going to send you money and just have you buy 2 of everything! I love it all.

  17. I love all your new purchases. What a disappointment your Bittersweet Mat turned out to be. Do you think another page could have been omitted by accident?

  18. Great loot Paulette. Thanks for sharing.

  19. Thanks for showing beautiful quilts this year.
    Have a happy New Year!! :))

  20. Wow Paulette, you really cleaned up! Those homespuns all look yummy and what about those Ho!Ho!Santas! Too cute!! I really like the little stitches wall hanging of all the ornaments hanging- so adorable!:) Looks like you had a great day! Can see you smiling clear back here in Ohio! Happy New Year!:)