Monday, December 16, 2013

At The Sands…but I’m Smelling Balsam TREES!

The welcoming committee was out to cheer us through the gates of The Sands RV Resort yesterday…or at least that’s the way it looked!!  Clubhouse Quilters, Karen and Kim were there all decked out in their Santa Hats and tiaras!  Little did we know that they were getting ready for the Santa Claus Parade, an annual event hosted by The Sands to gather up food  for the local Food Bank. We assumed it was all for us…haha


Anyways, we made it to Desert Hot Springs (one of the Desert Cities in the Coachella Valley in Southern California) safe and sound!  Great feeling and what a nice welcome!

I was also surprised to have a gift waiting for me from fellow blogger, Debbie, Wooden Sails!  She told me that she was sending some fir boughs to make our RV trailer smell woodsy, piny fresh!  What she failed to mention was the gorgeous potpourri bag that she made to hold the Balsam needles. Just LOOK at it….


All hand crafted by Debbie and antiqued…such a special gift!!  I took a close-up shot so that you could see her fine wee stitches!!  Incredible workmanship!!


And the smell is AMAZING!!  Very different from the smells of our fir trees on the West Coast of Canada!  Debbie’s balsam tree potpourri smells more savoury…very yummy in fact!


They should bottle this smell!  I’m so glad Debbie sent me the smell of her east coast forest! Now when she shows her forest hiking pictures I can imagine the smells of her woods!

If you don’t Follow Debbie’s blog then you should…besides quilting and wool work, she likes to hike and her forests and beaches are breathtaking!  Beautiful scenery! 

THANK YOU, DEBBIE!!  I will treasure my potpourri sachet!  Such a thoughtful gift!

Have a marvellous Monday and thanks for popping by!~P


  1. What a wonderful idea! Debbie is a peach!

  2. I think I would love to smell the west coast ocean right now, lol. Too cold to go outside and have grandma duty today, so keeping Nicholas entertained is enough;) I am glad you enjoyed the pine, wouldn't call that great stitching, my eyes seem to have gotten worse for close up, so time to go see the eye doc.


  3. Welcome to your winter home! Glad you made it safely.
    What a wonderful welcome gift.
    Enjoy the sunshine and those beautiful sunsets.

  4. That's a very neat gift! Glad you made it to The Sands safe and sound. Nice to see all the sunshine and warm weather. Enjoy!

  5. Glad you arrived safely. Relax and enjoy the lovely weather with your friends. We got 40 cm. of snow yesterday in Eastern Ontario!

  6. Good to know that you got there without any problems. And what a welcoming committee. lol The pine-needle sachet was such a thoughtful gift from Debbie. I check her blog quite regularly. Quilters are the best. It's sunny here today, but chilly. Enjoy the warmth.

  7. Welcome back to Southern California! How long will you be here? The weather has been gorgeous.

  8. I am so jealous looking at that sunshine and warmth. I finished shoveling the driveway this morning so I could get out to quilting tonight...

    Glad you had a safe trip.

  9. Enjoy your time away, how fun that you arrived in time for the parade!

    Debbie's gift is lovely how lucky are you.

    Have fun in the sun, can't wait to see your next adventures while you are away.

  10. Glad to hear you arrived in your winter home....and hope you are also enjoying the wonderful temperatures and great sunsets too!

    Debbie is so very talented and thoughtful, as you are. I can almost smell the pine in the gift she sent you. Very special.


  11. Beautiful sachet! Nice friend :)