Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Clubhouse Quilting…

Although we are still missing about six or seven of the REGULARS…(these regulars will be arriving in January/February)…the Clubhouse was a hive of activity!  Everyone brings their machine and their own projects and work on their own things…with lots of visiting and laughing going on…but we all manage to come away with finished projects…EVENTUALLY!! 

Check out what Siena was finishing off…


This one boggled the mind…it’s all about embroidery machines, light and dark fabrics…cutting away circles and placing them elsewhere!  I have simplified it (a lot!)…and explained it the best I can what with the limited brain power that I have!


Amazing for sure…and a real work of art!


Anne made this lovely table topper…sort of a twist on the Cathedral Window!!  Very pretty!


It has silver and gold in the fabric and is FMQ with a metallic thread…


Here’s a better look at the actual block…beautiful! P1250497

I loved the button in the middle but Anne felt it was still lacking so…


…she spent the day adding crystals to it…which my camera failed to pick up!!


I LOVE this picture of you, Anne!!  This is ALL the sparkle that your quilt needed…your beautiful smile!


Hey, does anyone out in blogland know what this gizmo is?? Martha wants to know…?? My guess was a Fringe Twister…haha


The bottom part swivels around turning the clips…maybe to make pompoms??  That is a BC (Canada) number…and it’s not an old number so this isn’t an antique…P1250500

One look at this pattern would get me runner for the hills…but not Siena!  She is up fpr the challenge!!  Bring it on…


You will see more on this quilt as it progresses…yowzer!


Heritage Judy outdid herself by making this VERY Merry Pillow!


Very cute…and the pattern came from this book…


There it is…and I also love the FaLaLa and Mistletoe Pillow!!


H. Judy was also finishing off this sweet Primitive Gathering mat…dang sweet!


Deb’s feeling the love this year…and had to prove it!!  Love this wall hanging…much nicer in ‘real life’!!  Kim quilted heart roses in the corners but my camera failed to pick it up…darn!!  Maybe Deb will bring it back once the binding is on, so that I can take some outside shots…??


Tahdah…a beautiful finish by Kim…the colours in REAL life are much nicer!!  Love this quilt!!


Bet you think this is a whole cloth quilt?…NOT!!  BUT it could be!!  Beautiful quilting for sure!


Flipped over, you see this stunner!!  It’s a quilt for Kim’s RV Couch!! 


Here’s a close up of the blocks…


…and a close-up on the back!! Magnificent!


She also whipped up this sweet wall hanging…all hand embroidered and FMQ!  Adorable!!


And speak of the devil…here is Kim(on the left) teaching her students(Norma and Doris) the fine art of Free Motion Quilting!  They all agreed that there was more to this than meets the eye…it’s called PRACTICE!! haha


Our newest member, Joy, used her embroidery machine to form the kitties…and she was busy piecing the blocks together!  Joy leaves for Yuma in January so I hope she gets this quilt together before she leaves…


…because I have a feeling that it is going to be adorable…yup…something tells me it’s going to be DANG cute!!


So that’s it from the Clubhouse!!  As I said…it’s a regular hive of activity!! 

The Clubhouse girls want to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and to hurry back in the New Year because these girls are just getting warmed up!!  Bring it on they say…!!  Yowzers…I wonder what THAT means??

You have only hours to get ready for the BIG day…

I am venturing out in search of a Ham…to go with the wonderful Turkey Dinner that friends are making!!  Can’t wait…no calorie counting during Christmas, it’s forbidden!

See you tomorrow…bright and early!!  I’ll be having my coffee with Santa!~P


  1. Great pics! I didn't even see you sneak photos of my cats. Thanks for inviting me to join you all.

  2. Merry Christmas!
    May the joy of Christmas fill your heart.
    So beautiful works!! :)

  3. Lovely quilts from the Clubhouse Quilters. The blue embroidered snowmen really caught my eye. Not sure what your gadget is, but I'm sure someone in blogland will know. Have a very Merry Christmas, enjoy your turkey dinner, and good luck finding that ham.

  4. Merry Christmas to you and the Clubhouse Girls! Their projects are gorgeous. Thanks for sharing.

  5. The gizmo is in fact for making fringe. I found one just like it on the knitting website I order from, I guess it just holds two strands of yarn or thread and it twists them onto each other. Or something. I have never seen such a thing.

  6. Wonderful quilts and I see some actually got the Christmas ones done in time, lol. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your friends.


  7. Thanks for sharing the fun projects. Hi back to the Clubhouse Girls. Merry Christmas to you. Enjoy tomorrow with the RV gang.....

  8. I just googled fringe twister and found a u-tube video with a demo. There seems to be several companies that make them. What a fun find.

    Great pictures as always.

  9. I have a thing for snowmen. Adorable embroidered snowman quilt.

    If I were close by, I would come sew with you on Christmas Day. Things will be quiet here and I will be sewing. We did Christmas today as daughter and son-in-law both have to work.

  10. These are lovely projects. Merry Christmas.