Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Despicable Quilt Shop App…

…or at least that’s what my hubby calls it!!

Let me show you what it looks like and how it works…

Here is what the App looks like on my iPad…it’s on the right, in the middle called “Quilt Shops”.


Ok…so let’s pretend that we are driving down the I-5 and I see a road sign that says Red Bluff 30 miles away.  I get out my iPad and tap on this Quilt Shop App…and the map pops up…(if it doesn’t just type in the town’s name and hit SEARCH)…Presto…a map of where you are heading with red pin dots appears..these pin dots represent the  QUILT SHOPS in the area!


Touch the red pin with your finger and PRESTO…you get this…key the address into your  GPS and you will be at the shop before your hubby knows what hits him!!  It works like a charm!


If there are a lot of quilt shops in the area, you will get a list like this…see it shows you how many miles away they are!!


I touched the last shop and got this…I wanted to show you that a lot of the shops have also included their websites…just touch their http: link and PRESTO you are reading all about the shop!  From this info you can tell if it’s your kind of quilt shop!  That’s how I found “Something to Crow About”…my kind of shop!!  (See yesterday’s post for pictures!!)


This App is FREE!!  But be warned, your hubby might just call it the Despicable App!!  Not to worry…he’ll get over it!

Everyone has been asking to see the loot that I bought from ‘Something to Crow About’…well I really do hate to KISS and TELL but…in the 15 minutes that I was there I managed to take over 40 pictures and buy the following loot…

The pattern to ‘Plaid Stars’ by Something to Crow About. 


I loved the sample quilt done up in plaids and civil war fabrics!


The Winter Quiltmania fresh off the boat from France…


This sweet wool mat pattern…! 


Again it was the sample on the wall that sold me…love the stars on the tongues and the crows on the branches…and then there was that hand dyed mottled wool…sigh….


I bought the kit to make this Jan Patek pattern…


It was the fabric that sold me…Crossroads by Jan Patek!  I loved it because it wasn’t Christmasy!  It was Wintery and very sweet!


Seeing it made up was the clincher!  I had to have it and the price was right!


So not a lot of damage but not bad for 15 minutes of tearing through the shop like a mad woman!

I was ready and waiting on Main Street’s curb with plenty of time to spare!  Whew! 

Now where’s my iPad and that despicable App?  Next stop is…?

Hey..only eleven more days to go until that jolly fat man in the red suit squeezes down your chimney with his big bag full of fabric!!:o)

Hope you have a good one! ~P


  1. I have that app and have used it many times. Hee Hee! I think maybe your hubby might like to join the support group for husbands of quilters that my hubby wants to start. It's a joke, but he likes to talk about it to husbands of quilters whenever he gets the chance. Maybe your hubby could head up the Canadian branch! Actually, my DH will stop at quilt shops without me even asking. I think hubbys of committed quilters are glad that we are at least doing something that we like and keeping out of their hair!

  2. Only problem is that Fabrics On Mill Street has been transformed into a kitchen shop...but the fun ladies at Sugar Pine were still there when we visited in October. Thisapp would have saved us time in trying to remember the old Mill St location though cuz my droid was not being cooperative that day!

  3. I am thinking of getting this app. Thanks for posting about it. I think it is a great concept. It looks like it has been over two years since they updated it. (I saw complaints about this in the reviews.) Hopefully not too many shops went out of business in that time.

  4. P, I LMAO reading your post! At the rate you're going tho, you might not reach your desert destination til Spring!

    I'm lucky, my DH is like Ruth's, he has Quilt Shop Radar and can spot a fabric store a mile away. I might not even need that app! lol!

  5. Thanks, I will download it ASAP.. loved all the pics from that shop, I could spend hours there, would be so much fun with you too.

  6. LOL...I have that app on my new smart phone....IT'S AMAZING. you did a GREAT job in getting pictures and shopping...the samples really do help sell products.

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. Great travel posts! Thanks so much for the info. on the app. I will definetly check out the shop in Eugene the next time I pass through!
    Happy Holidays! Claire W.

  8. New quilt shop app. makes a happy quilting wife and therefore equals a happy life....
    Simple math for hubby!!

  9. I didn't know there was a quilt shop in Red Bluff, now I will need to take a trip. I do see a problem with this app...the quilt store Quilts in the Attic has been closed for more than a year now so they need to update a bit more, but this could be really helpful!

  10. I have that app and love it ! I live in Grass Valley and unfortunately Fabrics on Mill Street closed and is now a kitchen store . We do have Sugar Pine quilt shop and Ben Franklin if you are in the area.

  11. Thank for the tip! I am totally getting that app. I'm sure that my husband will love it. ;)

  12. You haven't even made it to the RV park yet and already you've outdone yourself. Good work!
    What a great app. Hope Santa brings me an iPad for Christmas. I'm pretty sure I've been a good girl.

  13. Love the app - the quilt in Red Bluff - In Stitches - is also closed. She only does quilt shows now. Parking would be a real problem on Elm Strett with your motor home anyway. Have a good trip - enjoy traveling with you!

  14. Isn't that a great app, lol. Good thing my husband is the easy going type, he always stops when I ask.


  15. Thanks for the heads up on the app. I do see where 2 of the shops in my area are now closed so suggest you call before you go anywhere...but this will be great for when you are on the road.

    Love your purchases..

  16. I'm green with envy but so glad you share your experiences and shops along the way. So many things to see I can't imagine doing it in 15 minutes and shopping and taking pictures too. Amazing woman you are!

  17. Oh my! Did you ever get a lot accomplished in 15 min! You need to give a tutorial on how this is done. I, for one, could use the help. :-)

  18. I've got that app and love it. I also find that the Country Register newspaper is also a great resource.

    I also ask for old shop hop flyers and have found them very helpful.

    Sew What in Red Bluff is a great shop and I met the owner of Blue Iris in Palo Cedro at a retreat and want to check it out the next time I'm in the area.

    Great purchases!

  19. Wow, what a great idea for an app.

  20. I have that app too....but I won't tell you what my husband calls it. :) blessings, marlene

  21. Oooh my I love the Plaid stars quilt and the fabrics used. Sadly we don't have an app for Quilt shops here in the UK it would be nice if we did.:)

    Peg x

  22. We love it when you Kiss and Tell Paulette! Great tip on the app - I'd not seen it before either.

  23. I got the app and I think it's going to be great..also, I am enjoying each day that you post of your trip. It sound wonderful.

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