Friday, December 27, 2013

Green Tea Anyone??

Check out the sweet necklace that my daughter, Erin gave me for Christmas…!  It’s gorgeous!! 


There are several layers of different sized metal hearts on a long brass chain!!  It’s so pretty…love the colours!…Here’s a close up…can you see the apple blossoms on branches painted onto each metal heart?!  Love it..but it reminds me of something…hmmm….?


Let’s have an Ice Tea while I ponder on it a moment…



Geeze I’ve seen this print on something else…I just can’t put my finger on it!  :o) 

Yup…you guessed it!  The hearts are ‘up cycled’ from the Arizona Green Tea cans!!  Don’t you love it!!  And don’t you love the phrase ‘up cycled’…

I have lots of ‘up cycled’ things…like quilts made out of mens’ shirts and penny rugs made out of old coats and jackets!!  Who knew that I was ‘up cycling’…here I thought I was making stuff out of junk?  Good junk…up cycled junk!!

I better just say THANK YOU, ERIN (before I put my foot in it..any further…) I love it!!  I REALLY DO!

Have a FUN FRIDAY and thanks for stopping by!! ~P


  1. That is a really nice recycle, looks beautiful with that print too.


  2. Erin is a clever gal and your pendant is very pretty. Let's hear it for up cycling, especially when the end product is this sweet.

  3. LOVE IT - what a sweet gift and so pretty to. I so love recycled creations.
    Hugs - Karen

  4. Very pretty!! I like up cycled creations too...who knew I was doing that, LOL!!

  5. Very clever. Both the necklace AND Erin! I'll have to be on the lookout for "up cycling"

  6. OMGosh that is funny.....I love it.....we have the ultimate "up cycle" we had brand new carpeting put in our house. It is made from recycled plastic bottles....and it is will not fade and it will not stain.....we were told when we have it cleaned tell them to use just water and the dirt will come up and not leave a looks and feels like regular carpet, but it is much thicker....

  7. Love it - what a great idea! How does she keep the edges from being sharp? Gosh - some people just think of the coolest things~!

  8. what a wonderfully original gift idea! I love upcycling!

  9. That is so unique- love it! I love upcycling too!:)