Sunday, December 22, 2013

A BIG Bloggy Thank YOU!!

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a million times…You meet the nicest people in blogland…and Anne, from Cotton N’ Wool Blog is high up on that NICE LIST!!  Besides writing a dynamite blog and making incredible quilts…correction MY style of incredible quilts, she loves to putz around in Quilt Shops and Knick-Knack  Shops…bringing home treasures to share with us!  How could you NOT love her blog…OH and I haven’t even mentioned her love of WOOL!!  Anne stitches up the most amazing projects!!

LUCKY ME received one of Anne’s AMAZING wool stitcheries!  Have a gander…

…First let me set the mood…beautifully wrapped parcel…with the cutest stamped MERRY CHRISTMAS ribbon!!


And inside one of Anne’s wool stitcheries!!!!  I know my pictures don’t do it justice BUT trust me…dang cute!!  That darn flash has drained the background of it’s beige colour!!


Is this not the sweetest snowman, snug and warm in his wee mitt?!


Like I said, Anne is the best at everything she does!!


THANK YOU SEW MUCH,  ANNE!!  That was very thoughtful of you!  I love treasures like this that make the spirit of Christmas so much more memorable!  After all, Christmas is all about the FEELINGS, right?  And this one gives me warm and fuzzy ones…guaranteed to invoke those same feelings each and every year!! Nothing says Christmas like those hand made gifts of friendship!!  Thank you my friend!

WHAT?… only three more days to go?!  Do I sense panic out there in blogland??  Man, the roads were crazy yesterday…huge line-ups to get into Mall Parking lots….yikes!!  I sure hope your shopping is done…. I have to venture out to do a bit of grocery shopping today…and I’m not looking forward to it!!  Tis’ the season….

I hope you have a sunny Sunday and get a few moments to sit and stitch and maybe listen to some Christmas music…pour yourself an eggnog…Yeah, that sounds way better than grocery shopping!!  I need to add eggnog to my list!! :o) Have a good one!~P


  1. What a wonderful gift and surprise, quilting friends are the best and always know when to surprise us.


  2. Gorgeous gift from Anne's talented hands. You're a lucky...and

  3. What a beautiful gift! Handmade gifts are so special. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  4. Oh wow! Totally adorable! You get the best gifts!

  5. Lucky you to get such a great present.

    The snow has all gone in my courtyard, it was pretty when it was here. We are supposed to have a sunny green Christmas, just a few degrees cooler than where you are. Enjoy the warmth!

  6. Anne is wonderful! Happy holidays!

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  8. Oh, that's adorable, Paulette. Something from Anne would definitely set my heart on fire with excitement. Enjoy, dear friend, you deserve it. :-)

  9. Thanks for the quilt show- sure are some pretty ones.