Monday, December 9, 2013


On Friday I talked to my Quilting daughter on the phone.  She told me that had gone to the Quilt Shop to look for a quilting project…all of her Quilted Christmas gifts were finished and it was time to whip up a little somethin’ somethin’ for herself!!  She spotted this magazine, loved the cover quilt sew much that she bought the magazine and the fabric to make it! Yup, a regular chip off the ol’block!!

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On Sunday she sent me this picture…her QUILT TOP was finished and she wanted to show me her quilting!!   SEW not me…way too fast and look at that FMQ…and on a machine with no needle down button!!  I am impressed!!

photo (5) - Copy

It so nice to talk quilting over the phone…to your DAUGHTER!  Have you ever tried it?? 

Also FYI…Erin loves this magazine…she said that it’s geared to the modern quilter who is a beginner!  What a brilliant way to hook these young, up and coming quilters!!  I will have to keep my eye open for past issues and similar magazines and books…After all, it’s up to us oldies to encourage and promote this wonderful pastime…I also have to show her the ways to become a fabric hoarder and a book/magazine collector…although she assures me she can handle THAT all on her own!! 

Hope you have a marvellous Monday and all the best comes your way!!  I’m off to my last Heritage Quilt meeting of the year…and I won’t be back until the Spring flowers bloom!~P


  1. Oh, you are so lucky! My daughter is not at all interested in sewing or quilting and neither are any of my granddaughters. So kudos for you! Your daughter obviously has "the gene" and the talent. Her work is amazing! Thanks for sharing! Hope your holidays are happy!
    Cheery wave from Bev

  2. Lucky you. I have sons so quilting isn't going to happen here. They are computers geeks.
    I saw that magazine for the first time this week-end. I was impressed.

  3. Lovely project! It's wonderful that she's enjoying the quilting. My daughter doesn't sew, but she loves making crafts and she is a great decorator. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Oh how fun for you! The modern quilt trend is helping the younger gals to catch the 'bug' for sure. What a great quilt your daughter stitched up!

  5. I convinced my mother to take up quilting and the bonus is I dont have to pack up my sewing machine when she comes visit (in the guest bedroom) because she uses it while visiting! I taught the kids in my sons grade 1 class to make a block each this year, because I want my two boys to understand and appreciate my passion - even if they dont become quilters, I would like them to know enough to be able to buy me patchwork presents in the future!

  6. Nice to see a younger quilter getting inspired so quickly. I'll watch out for that magazine.

  7. That's great your daughter likes to quilt! She can keep up the tradition!

  8. Awesome! So many people loving the modern quilts. Fun!

  9. Lucky you. I don't think my daughter even knows how to thread a needle!

    I do think the "modern" quilting is helping to bring in younger people, and that's great.