Tuesday, December 3, 2013

A Labour of Love…

So the story goes…

When Elizabeth was about two years old…she would sit and play with these Sunbonnet Sue blocks that her mama was stitching.  During WWII, all the ladies would gather…they would bring their babies and their stitching and lament about the war.  Her mother always told her that she helped to make this quilt…(AND you wonder where Elizabeth got her passion for quilting?!)


Now in the ‘original’ quilt, Elizabeth’s mother used polyester for the alternating blocks!!  Yikes…Elizabeth’s precious quilt started to fall a part!  So she very carefully took it a part and reconstructed the whole quilt using cotton reproduction fabric.  She then had Jane quilt it with a gently flower and leaf stitching…simply PERFECT!


Such a wonderful keepsake quilt!


A whole lot of memories and love wrapped up in this quilt…ready to pass down to the next generation (of quilters!!)


Now isn’t this WHY we quilt?


And here is Elizabeth sharing her story of her Sunbonnet Sue quilt with the rest of the Heritage Guild members!


You done good, Elizabeth!!  Mama would be SEW proud!

Yup, this is why we quilt!

Have a terrific Tuesday and thanks for stopping by!~P


  1. A nice story. And a unique way to preserve the quilt for the future.