Saturday, December 21, 2013

Honeycomb Won’t You be My Baby….

Before I do anything this morning, I need to thank everyone who left a comment on yesterday’s post!  My new to quilting daughter was floored and flattered and REALLY appreciated the encouragement! 

I promised to share what Erin made for herself using the scraps from the project that she made for me!

She found a FREE pattern for this runner…using hexagon shapes on  Hamels’ Blog..if you go HERE you can follow the links!  It’s Moda’s Honeycomb quilt/runner and the pattern shows in detail how to put these shapes together…by MACHINE!!!

               erin's runner

This is not for the weak of heart!  I have tried this (making a hexagon ball by sewing the shapes together by machine…and it just about did me in!!)  but Erin followed their instructions and as you can see she now has a beautiful runner…which she is currently BIG stitch quilting!!  I LOVE this runner…and may have to give this another try!

Erin was telling me that Moda has come out with the Honeycomb Pre-cuts!!  I love pre-cuts!  They make the job more precise and easier…hopefully!!  I will have to keep my eye open for a package of Honeycombs…and give this project another go!!  It’s so nice to have a quilty daughter who knows these things!! :o)

SEW what does a daughter do if she DOESN’T quilt and she wants to give her mama something REALLY special?  She phones Temecula Quilt Co. and has them mail her mama a Gift Card!!!  This is what my youngest daughter did…and it blew my socks off!! …OK…make that blew my sandals off!!  Looks like I am heading to Temecula in the very near future!!  What I would like to know is, HOW did she know about Temecula Quilt Co.?  Hubby is oblivious to the names of shops…so it wasn’t him!!  I wonder if I was blabbing about shops to my Quilty daughter?  Regardless…I am one VERY happy quilting mama!!

Wait till you see what else came in the mail yesterday!!  I will have to share it with you tomorrow…all of a sudden there is SEW much blog fodder!  When it rains it pours…my cup runneth over for sure!

Have a super Saturday and thanks for stopping by!!  (Four more days until that jolly fat man with the beard comes down the chimney…are you ready yet?)~P


  1. you are so blessed to have a daughter who is learning to quilt, neither of my sons will pick up a needle. are going to be blown away when you see the number of honeycomb precuts out there!!!

  2. Have fun shopping with your gift card. I'm sure you will have a hard time choosing there are so many great things to buy.

  3. que buen regalo !!!
    seguro que pasara grandes momentos mirando que comprar
    feliz año nuevo

  4. I checked your post from yesterday and your daughter's quilt is gorgeous. She is an amazing quilter. I am anxious to see more of her projects. Thanks for the link. Another one to check out! Have fun in the sun!

  5. I can't imagine sewing a hexagon by machine, lol. Love how she finished it off with the big stitch, love how it came out.


  6. You have created a real quilter there. Hexagons by machine? Not sure I'd attempt that. And, a gift card from Temecula? Maybe she reads your blog. Would that surprise you? :)

  7. great runner!! love it!
    good for you, smart daughters, and generous to mom! yay!

  8. Lucky! I forgot to post how beautiful the quilt was your daughter made, very impressive! I'm sure we're going to see more Quilty things next year!

  9. Your daughter really knows the way to your heart. What could be better than a gift card from Temecula Quilt Co.? Her hexagon runner if wonderful. If she keeps this up, she'll be on to wool in no time.

  10. Wow ! What a beautiful quilt. You are a very blessed mom to have 2 generous and talented daughters. Very happy for you !!! Enjoy .. You deserve it. You spread around so much kindness....and it's being returned .. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

  11. Wow, I am getting all teary here , so happy for you P.. I love Temecula Quilt Shop too and hope to get there too someday,, you are very blessed.,wishing your The Merriest Christmas ever.