Friday, December 6, 2013

The Heritage Finale…

There was SEW much sharing at Heritage that it is taking me TWO days to cover it all!  I guess that means that there will be lots to put under the tree this year!

Let’s continue on with the show…

Here’s Hazel with her massive (king size) airplane quilt made with love for her bachelor son…the airplane engineer!(he has a fancier job title but I will be darned if I can remember what it is?)  One thing I DO know is… he is going to LOVE this quilt! 

P1250240 - Copy

Of course the quilting was out of sight…

P1250241 - CopyP1250242 - Copy

…and look at the fabric on the back!!  Flying high!P1250243 - Copy

Wonder what the girl friends will think? :o))

P1250244 - Copy

Yes, Hazel’s bachelor son will be flying high and will be nice and cozy under this wonderful quilt!!


Glynis has solved her problem nicely on this little mat…Have a look at her tree…If you remember, you couldn’t REALLY the tree in the snowstorm…so she went over her embroidery stitches with a darker green wool thread…see how the right side of the tree just pops now!!  Problem solved…and a fairly easy solution!  I love this little quilt!

P1250252 - Copy

And Jodi is going to SCORE huge brownie points with her son’s girlfriend as this is what she made her for Christmas!!  I think Jodi must REALLY like her as this quilt is GORGEOUS!!  (Mothers have subtle ways of letting their sons know that this one is ‘special’…:))

P1250254 - Copy

Our Queen of Charity Quilts, Betty finished another beauty!!  Love this one…a lot!!

P1250255 - Copy

And Betty also tried her hand at making a crazy stocking!  Adorable…sorry about the terrible picture…but take my word for it…dang cute!

P1250256 - Copy

Another mystery quilt finished!!  VERY nice!


A lovey scrap happy charity quilt looking for a volunteer to put on the binding…and there are ALWAYS lots of those!


Sets and sets of place mats…a welcomed and appreciated  gift in any household!!


A sweet Christmas Star table topper…


And runners galore!


A ton of work went into Elizabeth’s runner…


Yikes…look at all those itty bitty strips of gold to stitch down..BUT so worth it as it is SEW effective and festive!


And how can any quilter celebrate Christmas without a yo-yo wreath?!  Is this not adorable…


Here’s a close-up, in case you want to start yours today…


And LOOK at what Greer is working on!!  WOOL!!  Apparently the quilt shop ‘Snip and Stitch’ in Nanaimo is now selling wool felt and they are having Wool Workshops!!  Finally…wool is coming to our island!


This lovely poinsettia block will form one of the corners to this lovely quilt…


The pattern can be found in this book!!  Can’t wait to see this one finished!


SEW tons happening in our ‘little’ Quilt Guild!!  It’s always a bee hive of activity with lots of sweet projects being produced!

That’s it for this week!  We had a blanket of SNOW fall yesterday which caused havoc on our roads…more importantly it prevented my Christmas visit with my sister! :(  Darn!!  I always look forward to our visits…we walk, talk, stop for coffee, walk and talk some more!!  Always good for the soul…I’m so lucky to have her in my life!

Thanks for stopping by…have a FUN Friday and take time to smell the coffee!  Nothing like it!~P


  1. The Heritage quilters are always a feast for the eyes. Especially love the yo yo wreath. So cute. We had a bit of snow here in Saanichton. Sunny today, but soooo cold. I'm sure you're counting the hours until you leave this freezing weather.

  2. The snowman quilt is cute as can be. I am on a snowman kick of late. But seriously, that snowman could use some plastic surgery for those noses. Oh so long (and cute) carrot noses.

  3. I think you're planning an early Christmas with your family this weekend before flying off to the south, so I hope the snow hasn't messed things up too much and that you have a great time.