Thursday, December 12, 2013

Day ONE…done!

Good-bye CANADA…(Victoria, BC)…P1250334

Hello USA…(Port Angeles, WA)…


Look they even sent out the Coast Guard to escort us into harbour…NO…we don’t have any fruit, veggies, rice or grains, no dairy… no lamb??  Ummmm…does WOOL count??


On the Coho I got a lot of attention…but not for my wool work…for my BEAM ‘N READ light…several people stopped to ask what it was and where could they get one.  I need to start up a Duty Free Beam N’ Read booth!!


By the end of the day…I had this mat almost finished…a few more letters, her boots and face.   I had prepped TWO of these mats TWO YEARS ago…one I made for my daughter and this one was for me…which then sat in a tote for two long years…until NOW!


(‘I’ll be Home for Christmas’ by Joann Mullaly and can be found at The Country Loft in CA)…HERE!

Sew another UFO is about to bite the dust!  Yahooo!!

Day Two here we come!!

Keep on stitching…without any b…eeping… is my motto!! haha…well maybe just a little!~P


  1. Have a wonderful trip! Holly Hills and Pioneer Quilts is calling your name!!! Lol

  2. Very sweet, think I might need a set of those lights. Glad your first day has bben uneventful.

  3. I love my Beam and Read light! I keep it next to the bed, for reading and/or a "flashlight".

    Have a safe drive, and enjoy your winter in the desert.

    Those pix from the ferry make me homesick ~ ~

  4. Ohhhhhhhhhh I was suppose to be in that
    Have a great time Paulette

  5. Have a safe drive, may all the mountain passes be clear and dry.

    Looking forward to you stops along the way.

  6. Over the river and through the woods....... Travel safe!

  7. What gorgeous views on the ferry ride, I love ferries.
    I heard they are starting the maine to Nova scotia ferry again, so maybe next year we can get up there.

    I love that design, it is so fun.


  8. Here you go again!
    Have a safe trip.

  9. Me thinks you are going to get lots of stitching done on this trip.

    I have a sort of wagon. It is a heavy duty plastic and looks like a long crate. The sides fold down flat. I have an additional long crate (also collapses) that sits on top. I have loaded it with quilting supplies and hauled things in from the car using it. I could have sold it over and over to I don't know how many people.

  10. I think the hard part is done, packing, straight down I5 and your almost there....

  11. Travel safely. 2 years...that's not so it? No, I'm sure I have things in my cupboards that are waaay older than that! Enjoy your journey to California and really enjoy watching those temperatures climb out of the single digits.