Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wednesday’s Work in Progress…let’s make that Claire’s Wednesday’s WIP

This is my SECOND post this morning…lost the first one (I NEED to remember to SAVE once in awhile!!)…and let me tell you it was a GOOD post too…I was witty and funny, gave out some really good info, had great pictures…is it in me to do it all over again?  I doubt it… but I will give it my best shot…after I give myself one more kick in the pants!!  SAVE…I have got to SAVE!!

Yesterday, while hubby washed the RV, I snuck off to ‘run errands’…I didn’t fool him for a minute…it was my fist full of JoAnn’s coupons that gave me away!!  Eureka!  I had hit the Mother Lode…a bunch of 50% off coupons plus a 25% off the entire order!!  Let me tell you I was clicking my heels! 

Ohhh man, I have missed JoAnn!!  I was ohhhing and ahhing all items of interest as I went up and down each aisle! She was having a 70% off all Christmas items so I spent a long time peruse those things!  Flannel was 60% off…$2.57 a yard…plus another 25% off!!  Eureka!!  Mother Lode…who said there was no more gold in these Californian hills?  NOT ME!!

I know, I know…I SAID I don’t like to ‘Kiss and Tell’ but JoAnn doesn’t mind….P1250464

Check out that huge bag of flannel…why so much, you ask?? 

Well…Sharon over at Sharon’s Fabrics Blog gave a fantastic tutorial on how to make mitered baby blankets using two different flannel fabrics!!  This tutorial has been sitting in my Pinterest Baby Board forever!!  Now I can break out the flannel!!  Except I didn’t buy enough…dang!!  But not to fret…JoAnn sent me MORE coupons this morning…(it’s like SHE KNEW!!?)  SEW it looks like I’m heading back to JoAnn’s for more Flannel!!  Work…work…work!!  It’s such a dirty job!

Hey, while I was strolling up and down the aisles of JoAnn’s humming Christmas music…oblivious to all around me, I was brought back to reality by a blog lurker…YES…A BLOG LURKER!!  (insert Jaws’ music here…) Brenda from Alberta, tapped me on the shoulder to ask if I was Paulette…? I felt like a deer in the headlights!  BUSTED!  Seriously it’s always nice to meet readers from ‘out there’…Brenda was sew nice, very friendly and VERY sweet and from Canada!!  You HAVE to be SWEET to follow SWEET P…right?  Anyway she had her hubby in tow…and he was helping her pick out fabric!  WHAT??  My hubby has not crossed the threshold of any QS…except to use the washroom!  Here I thought it was a Hubby free zone!!  Men not allowed!!  AND it looked like he knew what he was talking about!!  Go figure!  Anyway, it was SEW nice to talk to you, Brenda…and I hope our paths cross again and soon!!  There’s always room for another quilter at The Clubhouse!

So while I toil away…work, work, work… my friend, Claire has been PLAY, PLAY, PLAYING with something NEW!!  No UFOs for her!  Check it out…


Is this not going to be the cutest Pillow?!!  It’s a punch needle pattern by Sawn Williams from Threads That Bind and it’s called ‘Christmas Eve’!  Dang sweet!  Claire will show and tell when it’s finished…won’t you, Claire?  :o)  Maybe on Christmas Eve…no pressure or anything…:o)

So that’s it for today…It’s Wednesday… that means that I am off to my first Clubhouse Quilting day!!  Yahooo!!  Back in the saddle again….

Have a wicked Wednesday and thanks for popping in on me!!


  1. Have fun today and enjoy the sunshine we have rain. Sally

  2. Too funny to run into a blog lurker in JoAnnes! Sounds like you loaded up on the sales too.:)

  3. I wished I had gotten out today, realized I had the coupon and need a bigger ruler for my new project, so will hit them tomorrow while I can. I love using my coupons, great for notiions and bulk fabric, plus i stock up on batting.


  4. It must be coupon commotion week at JoAnn's. Sigh!! Looks like you made some great purchases. Have fun in the sunshine!

  5. she shoots she SCORES! Great shopping Paulette. I'm glad to see you got some black thread.

    What is the silver item that looks circular at the bottom? Is it wire?

    Gorgeous sunny albeit windy day here along the Fraser Rver.

  6. My mother loves to make those baby blankets....Have fun!!! It is easy and fast!

  7. You sure had a good shopping day at JA's. That doesn't look like punch needle that Claire is doing, did she change the pattern to wool to suit herself? It looks great.

  8. I always have my coupons and I have the app on my phone from JoAnns that always has one or two good coupons.

  9. Oh dear, you lead such a hard life don't you? I wish we had JoAnn over here in the UK. I feel deprived.

  10. If you see a man following a woman around in a fabric shop, it's not me!

  11. Great post Paulette, even if you had to retype it. That has happened to me before too, so darn frustrating. Glad you found some great buys, love that santa pattern. Maybe you could slowly teach your husband about what all he is missing out on!

  12. Nice tutorial, but for super easy peasy quick gifts for babies I like to use just flannel and make a lightweight but warm blanket,