Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Well we are all settled in…and we now have actual food in our fridge..besides oranges, that is!!

Hubby took this picture…his subtle way of saying, I think we need FOOD…(he could have, at the very least, tidied up the fridge a bit before snapping this pic!!  Sheesh!)

Orange juice anyone?? 

IMG_9579_thumb (1)-001

First thing yesterday it was a trip to WalMart…yes, they sell food!  Hubby gets to eat and I came away with two very cute lace tops!

With the fridge full, I took inventory…of my sewing!!  Now we are talking!!…How much stitching did I get done on the five day trip down to Desert Hot Springs?

My goal this year was to finish UFOs…you know, out with the old before starting on something new!

So let’s have a look…

I found THIS five or SIX year old hexagon UFO in a tote shoved way in the back of a closet…this one is getting done come HE**(…double hockey sticks)…or high waters!  I needed ten more hexagons to complete the quilt…that is ONLY TWO per day! 

So I put on an audiobook…


….and got ‘er done!  Two a day…I did NOT leave the truck until it got done!! haha


Here they are all laid out…It will make a cute girl’s quilt…(I wonder WHY I wanted to make this quilt??)


The fabric is called ‘Nature’s Chorus’…you may remember it from years ago…:)  Now I just need to hand applique these ten blocks down and call it a day…FINALLY!!


I finished off this pillow top…I may pick out the girl’s face…she’s kind of scary looking!


And Frosty Mugs…is done!  OR I think it’s done!  I can’t find the pattern to see if there are snowflakes stitched here or there?P1250402P1250403P1250404P1250407

And one more snowflake to stitch and I will call this one a day!P1250443

Yikes…didn’t notice that nose…need to give him a nose job…need to snip that thread!!


You may remember this FREE project from Scrap, Quilt and Stitch Blog…way back…


I used the Clover White pen to mark the snowflakes…it wasn’t great but better than anything else that I brought with me!!  A sliver of soap is what I NEEDED!!  Try marking snowflakes while driving on a bumpy road! Yikes!


SEW this is where I was at as we entered THE SANDS! The good news is… FOUR UFO’s ‘almost’ done!!  The BAD news is I have several UFO totes waiting in the wings!  I think I need a trip to JoAnn’s to spur me on…

Have a terrific Tuesday and Thanks for stopping by!~P


  1. Love your hexies, but the snowmen are so cute!

  2. You got a lot done! As soon as I read your blog I ran down to check the Frosty Mugs pattern. Nope, no snowflakes. So you are good to go.
    Love the hexies.

  3. Good for you working on your Ufo's! Love the snowmen esp.:)

  4. Like Paula I checked my pattern, no snowflakes. I've almost finished all the mugs and about to start adding all the little snowballs. For some reason I only partially stitched one of the noses, gotta find the right coloured thread to finish it off.

    I'm going to save that big piece of red wool they sent for the backing and use a cotton on the back.

    Why do we find it so hard to only work on one project straight through to finishing!

  5. Great finishes! Love your hubs little hint :)

  6. Four UFOs done - that's just amazing. My UfOs take me much longer than a 5 day trip unfortunately. Or maybe I just need to take a trip to get things done - sounds good to me!

  7. All those fresh oranges look good to me, lol.
    You really got a lot done on your way down and will be nice to have them for next year too.


  8. Sure can't beat a stop at Orange Grove RV Park to satisfy ones need for Oranges. Glad you both had a safe trip down and are well on your way to being settled in judging by Rick's pictures on his blog. Rick's much braver then me with the camera by far. (LOL)

  9. I think you are going great guns!

  10. Great Work!! So glad you had a safe trip down. I hope to see you in Feb at our quilt show. Love all the things you finished. I need to do just that. You inspired me I hope. I still have one side of the quilt (raspberry rabbit monthly quilt) for the entry in the show. My first time to enter.

  11. That snowman with the birdhouse is too cute! You are really accomplishing a lot. Wish I was. We are picking up our daughter and granddaughter tomorrow and having Christmas on Saturday. Guess I'd better get my work done - haven't done any wrapping yet.
    Have a good Christmas and keep cool!

  12. You have some great finishes there. Looking forward to seeing what is next.

  13. cute post!
    I think that one does need some snowflakes, I like the checked background! good for you!