Thursday, December 26, 2013

What a Spread….!

Man, did we EVER feast last night!!  My tummy is still FULL…what an incredible dinner!  Just LOOK at the feast…and believe me, I took a dab of EVERYTHING!   IMG_9699_thumb-001

What a spread…and what a spread on my backside!!  I think I will have to walk extra fast today to wear this off…at the mall!!  It’s BOXING DAY…isn’t it?  I’m sure they have Boxing Day down in the States?  They must…right?!  It’s either shopping today or laundry…and that is NOT going to happen!!

Before I hustle out the door…

Let me show you TWO UFOs…correction…two completely FINISHED UFOs!!  YAHOOOOOO!!

Rather than blanket stitch a wool backing onto these projects, I treated both of these wool wall hangings like a quilt…I used batting and a cotton backing and matching binding.  Why you ask:o)?  Well, for one thing it’s cheaper and just as easy…and I do like the pop of colour around the edge!


The Frosty Mug Kit from Dorr Wool came with a huge piece of lovely red check wool to put on the back but it was too nice and too big a piece to waste on the back!!  I’m saving it for another project!!P1250582

I found this stripe cotton print in my stash…it matched the bird perfectly so I went with it…and I’m not sorry!! 


Just the right pop of colour!


I think this is going to be one of my favourites for Winter decorating!!


Speaking of Winter Decorating…look at what Clubhouse Quilter Doris made for each couple at our Christmas dinner!!  You heard me!!  DORIS MADE these sweet Snow Angels!!  Look at the face…perfect!


And they are covered with a fine crystal like snowflake!!  I can’t wait to hang this one on my tree back home!  Thank you sew much, Doris!!  It’s a keepsake treasure for sure!!

So looks like it’s off to the Mall for me…I have got to wear off this FULL feeling…and I might as well be in search of Boxing Day Sales…there has GOT to be some!  RIGHT?  I’ll keep you posted!

Hope your Christmas was as bright and as merry as mine!!  All the best!!


  1. And your two woolie quilts were wonderful hanging on the wall brightening up our Christmas dinner. They are magnificent. We had to have a few 'feels' when you weren't there, and lots of discussion about how you did them! Thanks Paulette!

  2. I miss the big pot luck dinners we had at our church when I was young, always fun and lots of variety. Love your new projects. Bill is tearing the kitchen up and I am rearranging things in the other rooms so the baby has a quiet place to sleep and I have a quiet place to hide out in, lol.


  3. Love all your completely FINISHED(yay)snowman quilts....and that little snow angel is adorable!

  4. I must get out today after our big spread! That snow angel is the cutest!

  5. Just loved the post,,those snowman patterns are wonderful.. The little angel is so cute too. Had a wonderful day with almost off of my family.. So much food and fun., look forward each day to your post. You are the best!Hugs, Maggey

  6. Love your snowma and birdhouse. That is on my to do list for my snowma collection.

    Don't you love those frosty mugs, mine is also finished and hung.

    I think I'm going to check out one of the local fabric shops and replace a couple of rulers if they have what I want.

    Happy shopping. No early rush for me.

  7. Hope you found your sales but there is no Boxing Day in the USA. I grew up in Canada and miss that extra holiday day!

  8. I love the cotton binding around the wool! Got some RIT dyes today--it may be smelly around my house tomorrow!

  9. Great choice for finishing your lovely woollies!

  10. I'm still full from dinner as well. My Frosty Mug kit is still intact, didn't even get as far as opening it.

  11. The finishes on your 2 wool quilts are just right!
    Hope you had a good boxing day. ;-) I didn't budge out of the house except to enjoy lunch in the warm sunshine. --such a rarity for this time of year.

  12. I've done several wool pieces just like you did - I'm not wasting wool for the back! I have a question...on your snowmen are those little wool pieces making the mouth? And if so did you stitch them down? I don't see any stitches but since it's black I can't tell. I find those tiny pieces a little more difficult to deal with. blessings, marlene

  13. I have used cotton backings too. Makes a nice finish. I love all the snowmen!