Sunday, October 23, 2011

What’s Up With This??

Waaaayyy back in 2009 Kim (Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure) sent me a pattern that she was finished with…ripped it right out of her magazine (McCall Oct. 2008) and mailed it off!!  I had admired a quilt that she had just finished and asked her for the name of the pattern and what magazine/book she had got it out of!   What a shock it was to have her mail it to me… such is the way of the Blogger!!…(You can read about it HERE.)P1150898  Anyways for a long time this pattern hung on my sewing room bulletin board where I could OHHHHH and AHHH it every day…and then it got moved into my Bucket List Binder…and I think about it often!  I STILL love it and it’s STILL at the top of my list!

Then last week for some reason I bought this magazine…


I haven’t bought a Quilting Magazine in AGES…I follow the TWO love rule…I need to see at least TWO patterns in the magazine that I love before I will buy it!  Well…THAT’S not true…if I LOVE LOVE LOVE one pattern I will buy it!…but you get my gist…!

So anyway, I got this magazine home and low and behold WHAT DO I SEE!!  MERRY-GO-ROUND!!  The EXACT same quilt pattern that Kim sent me and that is in my Bucket List Binder!!  It’s been recycled!


See top and bottom…same quilt…same props…same picture!


The designer is Sandy Klop…which makes me wonder…does she get paid twice?  OR…Does McCalls have exclusive rights to this pattern…I wonder how it works?  Will McCalls re-release this pattern down the road 3 or 4 years from now?  How many patterns get re-cycled?  Are any of the patterns that we see in magazines NEW or have they been recycled?  Don’t get me wrong…I love to recycle…but I want to pay a recycled price…if you get my gist…

Now when I look through this magazine I see another quilt pattern that looks VERY FAMILIAR…could it also be…RECYLCED??  Inquiring Quilters want to know….??

Now…NOT on a quilting note…thought you’d like to see what I did yesterday~  I was up at 4 a.m. to catch the first Ferry to Vancouver…yup…pitch black and pouring rain…to drive to the terminal in Swartz Bay where I boarded a bus on the Ferry to take me into the city.   P1150889  Passed BC Place…P1150891

And LOOK…the rain stopped…BLUE skies…and not a bad day!!

P1150892 I had one last visit with my middle daughter, Maggie..seen at the counter in the beige jacket..buying us coffees at Starbucks at the end to a perfect day…One more coffee before I board the bus to return home…See my shopping bag!  Got ALL my Christmas shopping done!!  


It was pitch black and raining when I drove into our driveway but it was still a perfect day!! 

Have a SUNNY Sunday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Gotta love Vancouver---Look through the window of your last picture and you can see the Starbucks on the other side of the road---only in Vancouver! Marilyn in Nakusp

  2. Hi Paulette. Generally speaking, a magazine buys what is called "first rights" to an article and the author cannot sell it until after the magazine is off the racks. The article then reverts back to the author. If this works the same way for patterns, then the designer would get paid again from another magazine using the pattern, as long as the first magazine was no longer on sale.
    Your Vancouver photos make me envious. I heard from a friend there, that there is a new quilt shop on the New Westminster/Burnaby border that carries some lovely Civil War reproduction fabric. Not sure about wool, but will ask next time I talk to her.

  3. It's always very special to spend a day with a daughter! Our three are hoping to fly down (one at a time) to stay with us in Cathedral City this winter. Do your girls ever do that?

  4. I have noticed repeats as is disappointing! Of course sometimes I have lost the first one and then I am happy to see it again LOL
    Congrats on getting your Christmas shopping done!

  5. This is one reason I've stopped some of my subscriptions--reruns. I also have enough patterns and magazines to keep me quilting the rest of my life. There is something about the draw of a new issue, tho. Loved your travel photos. It's so fun to see other places.

  6. I am thinking since it is not a monthly publication but a special issue magazine, that is why the repeat. Sometimes Quiltmaker will do a "favorites" magazine and repeat the ones that people seem to love that missed them the first time around - especially if the magazine is out of print because it was so popular due to that pattern... just my guess though.

  7. Oh by the way - I have made this pattern - it is in my "to be quilted" pile

  8. Yes, I think it's like Kim says - it's a special edition of the mag, so they use stuff they've already published before. I bet they bought the rights from Sandy and she doesn't get paid again.

    The new shop in New West is called The Needle and I. The owner, Debbie, is super nice. She sells Pfaff's as well and has a longarm in the shop.

  9. You're done with your Christmas shopping?! Here I am yet to start.

    I don't mind a recycled pattern every once in a while but with the cost of magazines, I'd like to see new stuff.

  10. ALL your Christmas shopping is done!? :-o I'm at a loss for words. Happy wrapping! LOL

  11. Being one to SAVE magazines much longer than I should I've found that many of our NEW mags are filled with reprints.. So now I'm like you, I think long before I buy a new magazine, I just go to my magazine shelf and pick a new one from the old ones. As time goes by they all become new to me again, one of the great things about getting older. Being forgetful is not all bad.

  12. Well the one line that jumped out at me from this whole post is that you got all your Christmas shopping jealous am I, lol! That's a pretty quilt in the magazine, I didn't know they recycled them. I know in Australia the designer retains the rights to their designs, I have no clue how it works in the US. I don't think I'd want to give up my rights to a design.

  13. Looks like you must have been on Robson Street with two Starbucks across from each other.

    Glad you had a lovely shopping day both weather wise and with your daughter.

    Love the big daisy shopping bag.

  14. OMG! I was just looking at that mag the other day and decided to buy McCall's quiting instead. I 'm like you on the 2 rule.
    I can't believe you are done. I have 23 to buy for. I have just bought one so far. I'm hoping to get to the states with my daughter in Nov to finish. lol

  15. Someone showed me that same magazine and I recognized just about every project in it from previous issues. I thought it wasn't very straight forward or very creative of them when they could have used some new patterns.

  16. I suppose it's better than buying the same pattern in a book twice since the book costs more......or even worse buying the same book twice 'cause someone forgot they already had it. Huh, who me are you talkin' to me??!

  17. I just knew the sun came out for a reason yesterday!..and it was because you were here!!!

  18. I too have come across the repeats in Magazines before and it does not impress me much when I know that there are soooo many new patterns just waiting to be published.
    Your pictures make me happy. I travelled that route a lot this spring when I was staying downtown with my sister. Gorgeous!!

  19. I have it in pattern form that came with the fabric kit I bought off her website several years ago, and I got the templates too, I still haven't made it. I come across it in my stash now and then and still love it, maybe someday I'll make it.

  20. Here in the UK, the magazine seems to own the copyright to any pattern they publish forever! Or that's what they told me when I wanted to include one of my patterns, which they'd published about 4 years ago, in my book. They were happy for me to include it, but I'd have to repay them the fee they originally paid me. However, they can republish it as often as they want, and I am not paid again. Seems a bit one-sided to me!

    Oh, and I'm not even going to comment about you being little Miss Goody-Goody with your Christmas shopping all done!

  21. I really love the pattern....

    So how fun is it to go shopping with our daughters.....but to get all your Christmas shopping done what a bonus.....