Thursday, October 27, 2011

Heritage Happenings…

When I was putting my chair away at Heritage on Monday I spotted this quilt just sitting there…the lady who was working on it  was elsewhere…so I didn’t get to meet her…or ask for permission to take this picture!  But..I’m sure she won’t mind…the quilters at Heritage are wonderful about sharing their work with the camera!  Isn’t it gorgeous……I LOVE this quilt!!  She picked the perfect fabrics for the pattern and her hand quilting is exquisite!! I’m sure hope she doesn’t noticed the drool marks when she got back…:o}

I just discovered…from a Heritage source …that the quilter is Judy West!  Love your quilt, Judy!  Hope you don’t mind sharing it with the world!….and sorry about the drool marks…

P1150954 Carol’s polar bear quilt is wonderful too…love the way she used the different shades of white, grey and blues to make the polar bear!


And as I predicted Sharon made more wool pennies…TWO of these sweet, little snowmen pennies..


And one of these!!  Hard to believe that these are Sharon’s first wool projects!  We have a Wool Crazy on our hands!!


I tell ya’ once you try will never go back!! 

It’s a shame our local quilt shops don’t carry wool or wool patterns!!  Go figure!  I was asked to teach a Wool Class in April…my fear is that I will turn fifteen quilters onto wool without a local supplier nearby!  I really don’t get it…most Quilt Shops in the US have a wool section in their shops with lots of wool projects on display…why don’t the Quilt Shops here do the same thing??  I would love to wool shop locally…and be able to recommend a shop to others…but I can’t…Is it any wonder why we are forced to shop on-line!!  I think we need to start hounding our Quilt Shop owners!! 

Have a thrilling Thursday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. The mystery quilter is Judy West, who does awesome work. YES, we need a wool shop here!!

  2. Wonderful pennies, fun to make for the holidays. Guess I have to finish up my punch pillow and decide on my next piece.


  3. Living in Florida we don't see wool in our LQS. The first time I was able to obtain wool was in Paducah.

  4. Would love to take a wool class from you. Follow your blog all the time and admire ALL of your work, not just the wool projects. Keep us posted

  5. I would love to take a wool class from you as well. I'm sure if one of our quilt shops would bring in some wool and patterns, they would have no trouble selling them. I think they are losing a lot of business to online stores. But what else are we to do? Open our own wool

  6. Too bad you guys are lacking in the wool supply department, we have a new LQS which is just building up their wool supply. Good thing too because wool is fast becoming my new thang.

  7. Hi Paulette,

    The next time you come over to Vancouver check out The Creative Edge in North Vancouver. She has a limited amount of wool, but does offer classes.

    Uschi from supplies some of our local shops including TCE.

    Cheryl Wall from Country Quilts at also is local and makes a nice product. She spoke at one of my guilds while I was at a retreat, I'm sorry I missed her program.

    Hope these help.

  8. I don't think Sharon is telling the truth. Her work is just too good. She's joshing us for sure! Can you ask her who the Polar Bear pattern is by? I'd love to get that and make it for a baby boy quilt. Also, have you tried asking your LQS to stock wool and patterns? Just a thought. There's not much in our stores either except for one which close to me (I know, luck); she does a lot of primitive things. Thanks!

  9. it is just a 'wooly mystery'!..soon you will be south and not have to worry about it for a five months!!

  10. Local shops have tried to sell wool but unfortunately people do not buy it. So they always have to mark it down. Even then people don't buy. It is a Shame yes but from a shop point of view they need product that sells not sit on the shelfs waiting for those few people to buy it. II know a local shop where they have beautiful hand dyed wool for 50% off yet people still don't buy it. So it is not that the shops don't carry it. The locals don't buy it.

  11. I'd love to take a wool class from you too. Hope you let us know when & where so I can sign up!