Thursday, October 20, 2011

Just passing time…

Well there are TEN days left till we pull out of here and my list of ‘Things To Do’ is getting whittled down…it helps to keep adding jobs onto my hubby’s list when he’s not looking…:o)

Yesterday I had a last luncheon with some gal fun to get to see them one last time…

I had my yearly physical a few weeks ago and today is my last visit to the dentist…ugh!  Poor Anna…she is such a nice, gentle dentist…but she’s just..well..a dentist!

On Friday morning there is a last walk/talk with my sister.  I always look forward to this…I have the world’s best sister and she isn’t even a quilter!  And then later in the day, a last lunch with my friend Claire…thank goodness for emails!  I’m trying to talk her into a down South visit…you know do a little Quilt Shop hopping to the Country Loft, Wool Lady Shop, Quilter’s Coop, Calico Horse…just to name a few…but alas she is still a working girl…

I also fired up the Accuquilt GO! one last time…isn’t this purdy…tons of 1 1/2” strips for a top secret project…  P1150855

Such dang cute fabric…don’t you think?


While the GO! was out and smokin’ hot, I got out my tub of civil war fabrics and cut some more tumblers…


Do your think I cut out enough?


I want to make the tumbler quilt that I started a lot bigger.


And in the evenings I have been doing some last little stitchery projects…so soothing after a stressful day.


And I stitched a little mug run for the little table in the RV…just a last little project…

P1150863 ..which I used for my last cup of peppermint tea before bedtime…


Is it just me or does tea taste better when it’s sitting on top of a cute mug rug?

Have a Thrilling (not Drilling!!) Thursday and Happy Quilting~P


  1. You have been super busy , interesting fabrics in those strips as well as the tumblers and I just love the mug rug , gorgeous!

  2. Love the mug rug! Very sweet.

    Your Go! has been smokin' - wowzer woman you've been busy. I really need to cut some tumblers. Sigh - someday. LOL

  3. You have been very busy,your stitchery and mug rag are beautiful.

    Enjoy playing with your Go,love your strips color palette.

  4. you have been doing lots of 'last's'..but soon there will a ton of 'first's' on your 2011 snowbird adventure!!

  5. It is getting close!! I love the fabric strips. Hmmm, whatever could you be making!?
    I would say the tea must taste better after sitting on the adorable mug rug!!

  6. I cannot even imagine how I would pack for that long of time... I would be so stressed.
    I imagine you have it down after so many years of traveling back and forth but still.. I hope you enjoy your last days at "home".

  7. Darling mug rug....and love your stitchery! Have fun with your go!


  8. Such a busy time and so much for you to think about! How about towing a little cargo trailer behind your long motorhome and you can take everything with you!

  9. I also love the Scandinavian Christmas fabric. I have a table topper in the works for our coach. Then plan to use the heart fabric to make a topper for Feb..
    So much to do to get ready for those trips south. You have been a busy bee. If nothing else, pile the fabric under the mattress pad! LOL! I had a friend suggest that.
    Love the mug rug. You always do such wonderful work.
    Happy packing.

  10. I remember you are leaving early on your winter trip this year, but am surprised it's almost time for you to depart. Glad you will be posting right along, so that we can keep track of you. We hope to be in Cathedral City on Jan. 1st. I'll be in can run, but you can't hide (smile).

  11. Not sure how you're finding time to blog, let alone work on such great projects, girl - love that little mug mat!

  12. Wonderful fabrics and great projects to get started. Love the little mug mat, that is a fun idea to make for gifts too.


  13. I adore those mug mats!! The tea definitely tastes better when it's been sitting on such a cutie. :) Your stitchery makes me itch to do some. I've been working on making a stuffed Owl today for a friend's birthday next week. I would love to go to all of those quilt shops with you!! :0 You guys be safe on the road.

  14. Please, please, please take me with you!!!!
    I promise to shrink wrap myself, I'd fit in that little space the Go would fit in....
    I was going to ask if that was Lynette's Scandinavian fabric... some Log Cabin blocks in your future I thin.
    Have sooo much fun,
    Take care, Leslie

  15. I don't want another drilling day either. I'll be watching to see what you make with the 1 1/2" strips. Cute stitchery.

  16. Gee Paulette...I don't think anyone could be more ready and organized for a long trip south as you are..that lot should keep you busy...lets see what you come back with finished..
    Love the mug mat...
    Have fun and stsy safe.
    Julia ♥

  17. Paulette, you always make me smile when I read your news! You are so ready to go south and certainly have lots of fabrics cut and set for your next the fabrics and mug rug, and will anticipate lots of great pics travelling through blogland!

  18. Wow Paulette, you certainly have gotten a lot done! Love your mug rug and your darling stitcheries! Can't wait to see what all you make w/those cut out pieces!
    Are you gonna be able to blog while there? If not, we will certainly miss you in blogland!


  19. I cannot believe your trip is arriving so soon. Will you be stopping in Oregon at any shops? I know you stopped at Hollyhill last year but it was closed...they are open Tues-Sat...another great shop is Pioneer Quilts in Clackamas which is just North of West Linn....they are open 7 days a week.

    I cannot wait to see your "surprise project" Looks to be something very Scandinavian. :o)


  20. I wanna know what your secret is!! You're not meant to keep secrets from me, otherwise I won't be your friend any more.

    I love your mug rug, the acorns stand out so well against the black wool.

  21. Your mug rug is so sweet. Love the acorns. I never think to make mug rugs from wool. Maybe that is what I will make when My package comes. I'm sure you must be getting excited. My friend also leaves next week for florida till next spring. Looking forward to hearing your journey and when you get settled.

  22. You sure make good use of that Go Baby, I am still hopeful Santa will bring me one too! Love love love the mug rug (reading posts backwards) and now you have wool suiting samples I look forward to seeing a few 1000 more...for Chrismas presents for us loyal followers!!!? Or a wool tumbler quilt? Sssh...I think (hope) your going to make a log cabin??? Can we have a hint, please! Happy quilting and packing Sue SA.
    PS my word verification is "pachahk" which is what happens when your DH has a panic attack at the sight of what you want to pack into a confined space!

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