Monday, September 14, 2009

Dog Days of Summer all done…

Does this book look familiar?  It’s one of the books that I bought this summer when I was at the Buggy Barn Quilting Store.


I love the dog quilt that is on the cover of this book.  My friend Claire had started this quilt earlier this year and she  had showed me a few of her finished blocks…I knew this quilt was going to be stunning and boy was I right! Here are two pictures of Claire’s quilt so far…isn’t it gorgeous!  Claire is making this quilt as a gift for her son, Andrew.  She was worried that he would be an old man by the time she was finished!:o)  Not to be….she made it in record time!


Isn't it adorable….Claire was saying she just needs  to add the border before  getting it quilted. Andrew is going to be thrilled and I’m sure will treasure this quilt for some time.  Well done, Claire!  See, this is why we quilt! 

image I’m so glad I bought the book!!  Just lovely!

Other Quilting News:

A few weeks back I was surfing my favourite blogs and of course Kim’s Big Quilting Adventure is one of them.  So I go to her sidebar (on the right)and click on Hexagon Quilt.  I am immediately in love!  What a gorgeous quilt- just love it!  So I emailed Kim and asked her for the name of the pattern and where she got it….well to make a long story short…the pattern arrived in the mail today!  Kim ripped the pattern out of the magazine and mailed it to me!!  Now how sweet is that!  Is she not the greatest?  Thank you KIM!  I love the pattern and can’t wait to sew it up!  It’s called “Merry-Go-Round” by Sandy Klop.  Check out Kim’s version as she put on a different border that really pops the quilt up a notch.

P1020771 P1020769

I love this quilt!  Isn’t it gorgeous?  What is it about hexagons that I LOVE so much?  It’s a good thing and so is Kim!


  1. Oh, I too loved this quilt and when I saw the magazine I immediatly bought it and ran home and used a jelly roll I already had and made it. It was such a success that my local quilt store has asked me to do a class. I don't think I will but it was nice to be asked. So check out my blog and see the finished quilt. It is done with all Kaffee fabric and I am working on a 2nd one using Farm day Flag.

  2. I have the pattern somewhere must have a look for it, sure is a great quilt.

  3. That's a beautiful quilt, and I don't usually like hexagon quilts! The doggy quilt is so cute and would be a great gift for a doglover.

    I think your new header photo is fantastic too.

  4. Very nice quilts especially the hexagon one the dog one is nice as well
    Hugs Janice

  5. Those hexagons look like a lot of fun to make!