Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Woolie Wednesday…

The hive at Heritage Quilt Guild is always buzzing with chatter and laughter..and of course everyone is busy hand stitching something…whether it be hand quilting, embroidery work, cross stitching, stitching down binding…whatever keeps our hands busy while we visit…and talk quilting!  We are SEW good at that!

We also have a growing number of wool workers at Heritage…which is amazing as hardly any of the quilt shops carry wool!  Several of the ladies order wool kits and others haunt the thrift shops looking for wool blazers, coats and skirts!  Heck, one quilter whipped the pants right off of her husband’s hiney!  They were gorgeous…heavy hunting pants with little flecks of green and red…perfect for the backing of her Christmas penny!  In all fairness, hubby hadn’t hunted in years and didn’t miss his pants…but a girl’s got to do, what a girl’s got to do… to get her wool!

I thought you’d like to see what the Woolies at Heritage are working on…

Greer continues to work on her Warm Winter Blessings by Primitive Gatherings…the perfect project to bring to Heritage!


She is experimenting with various ways of marking lettering on dark fabric/wool so that she can embroider words…she has tried pens but they don’t seem to work on the dark fabric…so she heard about a food wrap that clings to fabric. You can write the letters on the food wrap, stick it on the fabric and then easily  hand embroider through the wrap and then it just rips off.  She is using it on a test piece of fabric before she uses it on her beloved quilt!  I will keep you posted!  I am hoping that if it works (and it looks like it will), Greer will bring the roll to our next meeting so that we can do a photo op of it!  Then we won’t end up buying aluminum foil instead of this seal and stick stuff. (I wrote the name of the product down…but misplaced the paper!!  The story of my life!)


Glynis is working on her HOUSES, HOUSES, HOUSES Quilt…a BOM from Primitive Gatherings.  Drop dead gorgeous!


Beautiful wools and lovely yarn dyed Diamond Textiles fabric!


Sandy is stitching this wee mat…also a Primitive Gather pattern and words do not do it justice when I say it is sweet!


Glynis is almost finished THIS sweet mat by Bonnie Sullivan…OMGosh…CUTE!!  This is a kit from Dorr Wool…and I just might HAVE to order this kit!  The wool is PERFECT…I guess that’s what happens when you have a MILL at your disposal!  Can’t you just IMAGINE what that would be like?!


Delores is working on her Christmas sheep…this one is on my TO DO LIST!!  After seeing Delores’ lamb it just got bumped to the top of that list…so many projects, so little time!  This is called ‘Cozy Fleece’ and it’s by Threads That Bind.  Delores will have to share pictures after the pennies go around it.  She has them all cut out and ready to stitch!!


And this is my project…this has become my Heritage project as I have everything in my tote, needles and threads all ready to go…just grab and run!  Seriously some days are like that!  This retirement gig is so hectic…haha…and so much fun!!


This penny came as a kit…and was a gift from a special friend.  She bought it as a kit and there was enough wool to cut out TWO mats!  Imagine that!!  I received it all cut out and labeled!  I LOVE IT!!  It’s called ‘Under the Stars’ by Piece of Work!

Wasn’t that a nice way to begin a Woolie Wednesday…looking at all these lovely wool projects!  There is something about stitching on wool that is so satisfying…I bet it lowers blood pressure and relieves stress!!  I think someone ‘out there’ needs to do a study on it…I’d bet a penny on it!!  :o)  Get it?  That’s wool humour…I know lame…

Have a wild and woolie Wednesday and happy stitching!~P


  1. It's all so pretty! I actually bought the Under the Stars pattern a while back (when I had money-lol) because of you! I just love it! Can't wait to see your's finished.
    Thanks for sharing! XO

  2. What a great bunch of projects the ladies are working on!

  3. I use the Press and Seal all the time. Found this method about 10 years ago. When working on fabric that I have trouble seeing pattern thru then I do this. Have done a lot of big pieces this way. Enjoy

  4. What pretty woolie mats I enjoyed seeing!! Thanks for the tip ~ I'll have to give it a try.


  5. Lots of great projects being made, love the look of wool. I do have the snow people pattern, I might get to make it, one of these years, lol.


  6. Great show and share Paulette.

    I've never used Press and Seal but know of many people who like it, they also use it for machine quilting, I wonder about having to unpick all those plastic pieces from the project.

  7. I love seeing all the wool projects the ladies are working on. I would like to know the result of the plastic wrap. To mark lettering on wool, I use the transfer paper that comes in different colors. It is sort of like the old carbon paper we used for typing many years ago only heavier. I lay the paper with letters on it over the transfer paper and use a pencil to trace over the letters. Not a real sharp pencil. You could use a stylus if you had one. I have used the point of a chop stick to trace.

  8. Love the wool pants story. You're right, a girl has to do what a girl has to do. Great projects and do let us know how the Saran wrap works out.

  9. Lovely projects and I do love the Bonnie Sullivan mat. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I think Woolie Wednesday should be a regular feature! Love that little daisy mat, and I am imagining Delores' sheep with pennies...

    Your project is also looking pretty wonderful, Paulette. It's going to be gorgeous!

  11. so much to see and admire here. I do like this wool work but fear it would make me sneeze madly if I worked with wool, even cotton seems to be causing a problem at the moment

  12. Wow...all the wool projects are beautiful....I can't wait to see how the press and seal paper works for tracing letters on the dark fabric....and does Glynis ever sleep her mat is gorgeous.....

  13. I am inpsired by all your woolie goodness here!!