Saturday, November 29, 2014

Off and On….

There has been progress…


This baby came OFF the mid-arm quilting frame…with an all over meander…

Not a great meander but once this quilt is washed and wrinkled it will be ready and at it’s best…cuter than a Sharpei Puppy!  I love this quilt for it’s visual impact!  It doesn’t need great quilting…it has the WOW factor all on it’s own!

IMG_3458   IMG_3460

And this one went ON…this one has me sweating bullets…I don’t want to screw this one up!


While I toil away…why don’t you go visiting….Did you know that Karen over at ‘Faeries and Fibres Blog’ is having a SEW Along?  We are talking a massive Sew Along…just look at the finished project!


We are talking HEIRLOOM quilt here!  With one step at a time, Karen has been leading everyone through this quilt!!  They are now working on Block 17 with the grand finale just weeks away…so it’s a little late to join BUT the good news is, you can go back in her blog and scoop the FREE PATTERN and make it at your leisure!  Her tutorials look very detailed and easy and completely do-able…and LOOK at what you will have accomplished, this magnificent quilt!  YOU can make it  a goal for 2015! 

So let’s all give a SHOUT OUT to Karen…this has been a HUGE undertaking for her…and all for FREE!!  WE THANK YOU, KAREN!!  Now hurry over to her blog, Faeries and Fibres and look at the blocks in detail!  They are wonderful…with workmanship like none other!  Also at the top of her blog there are plenty of links to explore…she has been one VERY busy quilter with lots of patterns and tips to share!  Pour yourself another coffee before you head over…

Today I WAS going to go to a couple of the local Craft Fairs…BUT there is a skiff of the white STUFF on the ground and I don’t DO snow!  Maybe I can sweet talk the hubster into a little outing…?  I’m sure he would love to look at doilies and pot holders, jams and jellies!! :0)

Have a Super Saturday and Happy Quilting!~P


  1. Fun. Offer to take him to lunch. :')

  2. Ooh that quilt is darling Paulette, and you know you'll do fine on the other one - love the look of it - can't wait to see it done!

  3. The caramel milk sounds good what was the recipe.....and your chocolate peanut butter fudge sounds delish....can you share that one also......
    I also have on my to do a quilt like is so interesting to look at all the fabrics.....

  4. The tumbler quilt came up beautifully. I am hoping your quilting machine was all professional and didn't throw any dummy spits.

  5. Love the tumbler quilt. What size template did you use? I bought a small one a few months ago, and just remembered that I had it! Your scrappiness is just perfect.

  6. Your tumbler quilt is wonderful, but am I ever excited to see Solstice go on the frame...can't wait to see this one finished!

  7. The quilt looks beautiful and they always look better when they get all crinkly;) I am sure you will do fine with the next quilt and I can't wait to see it all done.


  8. Yes I love the tumbler quilt. I am anxious to see it washed and bound. ( I ask a lot!)
    I am anxious to see your next one all quilted. You are so lucky to have your own machine. It has gotten so expensive to have quilts done, that I am just working on small quilts. Have a nice weekend.

  9. the tumbler quilt has worked beautifully and love what I can see of the one on the frame now

  10. Thanks for the mentioning me and my blog!

    The quilt in the picture is available as a free pattern. Under my banner is a tab "Patterns by Karen H"; you will find the pattern there. You'll be surprised at how easy it is to make this quilt! The QAL is another hexagon quilt and all of the blocks are listed under the tab "Quilt Alongs"! We are almost done but I'll leave the links to the patterns so others can make this fun quilt that is based on value!

  11. Love the tumbler quilt. When are you headed to California?

  12. I'm so behind on blog reading, but I love seeing what you are working on. The thimbles quilt is great!