Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sweet G’s Sharing…

OK…OK…seriously, this is STILL my blog!  REALLY…I have been hard at ‘work’ in my sweat room…it’s just not that interesting right now. Hopefully we will have some Sweet P sharing tomorrow…but today you are in luck…because Sweet G…aka Glynis, has been VERY busy and she has plenty to share! 

So yesterday Sweet G sends me this lone picture of these darling pillows sitting on the stairs leading to her sewing room!  I immediately wrote her back and said…there is no way that  my readers are going to be happy looking at this ONE wee picture…it’s a tease!!  Am I not right?  You want to see more…a few close ups, see what all the fuss is about…right?

DSCF4144 (1)

Well send them she did…and I’m so glad because they get my ‘dang cute’ stamp of approval!


I believe that most of these designs are from Red Brolly’s Blog…yes, FREE stitchery patterns!  You can get them HERE!!


I feel like I am peaking into Santa’s workshop…


Ho-ho-holy cow! Sew cute…


Yup…now seeing them up close and personal is much better than all lined up on the stairs…even if they were leading to Sweet G.’s sewing room! 


Yup…the people on Sweet G’s Nice List are in for something special this year!  And YES Santa, I have been VERY VERY nice! haha…I mean ho ho ho…


I just HAVE to share one more photo…taken while babysitting our little grandson! Yes, I believe in keeping a sharp eye on our little Mason while  playing at the gym yesterday!  We were actually playing a game before he got distracted by the camera.  Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!  Seriously I am not a weird old lady stalking kids!


Babysitting has never been so fun! :o))  Anyone for an afternoon nap?  Yes, my hand shot way up!

Have a thrilling Thursday and happy Stitching!~P


  1. Those pillows are sooooo cute, they would make the sweetest quilt to sleep under in December. Your grandson is a very handsome young man (almost said adorable)!

  2. Cute pillows, adorable beyond words Grandson!!

  3. Do you know if the stitcheries are from one pattern or a variety? Glynnis has been one busy gal and doing such cute stitching. I look forward to seeing what Sweet P has been up to in her own sweet sewing room.

  4. That is a fun idea and a nice idea for holiday pillows.
    Love that photo and his smile, he really is growing.


  5. looks like your grandson would enjoy mischief such a cutie. :
    Lovely selection of cushions

  6. Hi!!!! Very fun!!!! The pillows and your little guy are adorable!!!!

  7. Beautiful collection of pillows! Mason is a cutie. Love the picture!

  8. That is the cutest little boy EVER! You are so lucky to have a little one! Mine are all grown up except the 5 year old who lives in another state. Great pillows! I love Red Brolly! She gives lots of patterns away on her blog.

  9. Red Brolly also has a lovely free Christmas quilt on her blog as well if you're interested, she does lovely designs/patterns :) barb.

  10. Cute stitcheries but OH that grandbaby!!!!! He's adorable!